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Family claims in lawsuit that former 87-year-old resident of Brandon Woods at Alvamar was sexually assaulted

Sick people. This lady is 87 yrs old. Had to be some pervert to even think of doing this to a elderly lady. If it were my family member I would do the same as take it to court to help prevent it from happening to anyone else in the facility. So many things go on in places like these and noone seems to believe them cause of the companies reputation. Good luck to the family and hope everything goes in your favor

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Unpaid $57.69 dental bill decided by Kansas appeals court

I took my daughter to this dentist for braces. Paid almost 5 grand . Toward the end of the treatment my insurance changed so took her to a different dentist to find out the braces were outdated and werent doing what they should have been doing. There goes another 5 grand and her teeth look so nice now. i would never go back to Rainbolt.

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Westar seeks $91 million increase

KRichards- Didnt ask you to feel sorry for me. I was just making a statement. I dont keeo my thermostat at 67 its at 70. I dont have holes where windows should be. You always have negative things to say no matter what the topic is. Guess thats what I have to look forward to when I get your age and nothing better to do in life than sit in front of the computer and make unwanted comments. Must be hell being you. Miserable...

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Westar seeks $91 million increase

Talk about another case of rape and sodomy. Thats what westar is doing to all of us. My bill was over 3 hundred dollars this month.

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Crews scrambling to have 'Extreme Makeover' house completed in next few days

This house is being built about 10 miles from my home. What does it matter what size it is? There are alot of volunteers that are sweating their butts off and trying to make a dream come true for a family. What is your problem? So many sit on here and judge people, or make remarks how the ljw makes a mistake in their column. Get a life. Noone is perfect. As far as the volunteers on the home makeover I think its wonderful we have citizens that are willing to help build, clean, or even make sure these people have water. Noone is out there for the wrong reason they are helping in some way. More than you are sitting on the computer making unwanted comments. Get a grip.

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Towing can chain drivers to huge fees

Ive seen this happen several times. Remember a few years back when a tow company in Lawrence towed a ladies car and there was gifts in the car that was donated for her children at christmas time? They wouldnt let her have the gifts till the tow bill was paid. She didnt have enough money however some generous people helped her pay the tow bill so she could get the gifts out of the car. Heartless people. The law does need to be regulated.

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City Commission to appeal closure of Lawrence SRS office

Even though Lawrence needs the SRS to stay open, Brownstains isnt gonna listen. He could care less. He is a inconsiderate, heartless individual that shouldnt have ever made it in office. He doesnt care who he hurts, or how mant people this will affect. He doesnt worry about the ones that will lose their jobs, hell he has a job so why worry about anyone else. His salary should be reduced.

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Search for missing 7-year-old set to resume Sunday morning

Some of your comments are really uncalled for. As a parent i could only imagine what this family is going thru. Yes, I agree the child should have been better supervised however, I dont think this is the time or place to say negative things about the parents. I could only imagine being the parents. Sleepless nights, the tears, and the heartache of not knowing where their child is. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. I also hope the child is found safe and unharmed.

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The Boy in the Attic: De Soto mother Rachel Perez discusses horrific child abuse case

What a sick woman. 8 years isnt long enough for what she did to these children. She should be locked up for life and the keys thrown away. Better than that she should be locked in the attic, barely fed, and no contact with her children at all.

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Defendant in connection with 2006 death of Lawrence hip-hop artist Anthony 'Clacc' Vital says he was misled during plea talks

Sounds like something the Douglas County Prosecutor's would do. Promise something and dont keep their word. Happens alot in Douglas County.

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