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Editorial: Planning vision

Let's hope with the new plan a "real" focus will be on economic development in this city, bringing in revenue sales to the city. This last denial of Menard's location to the city was absurd. Denying a business that will bring in jobs and revenue from sales for preferring more apartments, which do not provide jobs or sales tax revenue, is a reason this city has the problems in growth it has. The planners of this city need to remember that Lawrence not only serves citizens in the city limits, but residents of the county and beyond. Lawrence sits on the northern portion of Douglas County and alot of residents come to Lawrence to shop, along with Franklin, Miami Counties. Having more apartments on the southern end of town just makes these out of city residents continue to drive to KC Metro areas & Topeka. FYI- There was a reason Scott McCollugh was let go in Miami County. If you want a new plan, you need to start in the Planning office.

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Several major changes in Kansas alcohol regulations becoming law

Why do they keep tiptoeing around the liquor laws here in Kansas? When can we buy wine at the grocery store? We are foodies and moving here has been an eyeopener for purchasing wine for meals plus liquor to use in cooking. Love it when they pass liquor in grocery stores, come on Kansas!

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Run coverage

Being mentioned in the paper was by far the last thing I cared about. Training for this race, which was my first, was completely for health reasons only. I have lived here all my life and in the past seen events covered. Why not this one? What happened to the LJW? This was a huge event, warranted being covered, raising money for an organization that helps so many. Again, seeing all those runners filling the streets as they took off, was an awsome sight, right here in Lawrence. It would have made a great front page picture.

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Should both the city and Douglas County governments give $100,000 each to support Theatre Lawrence's drive to build a new theater in West Lawrence?

The county commission should turn them down. Reason, they serve the total county not just the city of Lawrence. If they give to this building in Lawrence then they are opening up the obligation to also give to projects in Baldwin City, Eudora and Lecompton. The tax payers cannot continue to fund all these "special" projects in this time of very tight economic times. Dounglas County Commissioners need to remember that they are for all the taxpayers of the county and not just the city of Lawrence. They say yes to this, then they will be approached and expected to give in the other towns with their projects.

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July 4th Overnight Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

Another reason fireworks should be allowed in the city limits. Police should could be using their time for other things.

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Search for missing 7-year-old set to resume Sunday morning

Channel 9 just made the announcement it was the little boy's body that was found. Douglas County Sheriffs office made it official. Our prayers to the family.

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Search for missing 7-year-old set to resume Sunday morning

ABC Channel 9 out of KC just reported the search and resque stopped as a small body was found. They will have more of an update as a formal announcement by the sheriff office has not been made, but they are under assumption it was the little boy that was missing.
Soo sad.

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Rural Kansas leaders head to Vietnam for agricultural tour

FYI Journal World, there are actually members attending this from Douglas County. Why was this shown from Tribune? Maybe some research should be done.

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Silver linings: Support pours in for area farmer after destructive fire

This is a sad situation for Debbie. Our hearts go to her. Unfortunately our county is not so sympathetic. Building in this county is much harder than the city. We have a older farm house we want renovate, but the county codes are ridiculous!! Let alone the permit fees!! Our family had fire in their home, lost everything. Douglas county made them get the home location surveyed (they were building in same location as destroyed home) to make sure the home was 50 feet from the road. The original home site was over a 1/4 mile away down their long driveway. The county did not care that is was obvious of the building site and made them pay for survey. The stupidity continued. Again, we hope Debbie gets thru all the mess ok. Our county will put it to her.

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