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Opinion: Obama doesn’t wait for Congress to act

"Attorney General Eric Holder, a liberal in a hurry"

That's so funny, because I heard a different conservative commentator from a group called Right on Crime saying yesterday that Holder was just now 'playing catch up' to where conservatives were five years ago or something like that.

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Twins Logan, left and Brody Myers, 5, enjoy a ride on the Dragon Wagon during the opening night of M

What a great picture! It made me smile. Thanks. :-)

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Jerry Moran, not a gambler, bets on taking back Senate for the GOP

I had the same thought.

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Topeka woman, 19, charged with murder in killing of Lawrence man

"the fact is that the tragedy goes way beyond just his death"

Indeed. Those were the real tragedies I was referring to. I can't tell if you're correcting me or just expanding on my comment.

Personally my heart catches every time I think about the fact that his sons were present.

As to ex-cons giving people rides to places where they commit crimes, I guess we can speculate all we want. But if she has no car, I imagine she gets rides to lots of places - including places where she has no criminal agenda.

Presumably the police are investigating. It appears to me that they've charged him with what they have evidence for at this point so they can hold on to him. If he knew she was planning on committing a crime, he'll probably be charged with murder too. So, in response to the OP, I guess the prosecutors don't have the luxury of assuming and speculating like anonymous Internet posters do and then making charges based on those assumptions. They have to have actual evidence.

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Topeka woman, 19, charged with murder in killing of Lawrence man

What was the crime that Rush was participating in? If he just gave her a ride to Lawrence without knowing what she had planned, that's not a crime. I don't think we have enough facts to know if they had planned a crime together.

Btw, I don't think we can assume the taxpayer will be supporting the younger son now. And if we are, what of it? That pales in comparison to the real tragedies here.

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Topeka woman, 19, charged with murder in killing of Lawrence man

Overcharged? How do you figure? Based on the early reports this was a pretty heinous crime - shooting a man in the head when he answers his door. And his son was a witness. And now we learn he may not have been the intended victim.

If she's alleged to be the murderer, it's undercharged and the bond is too low. She sounds dangerous.

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Judge takes Kansas offender off ‘punitive’ registry

It harms the community when people who are no ongoing danger have a difficult time resuming a normal life. People who can't find a job and support themselves are a burden. And they aren't contributing by paying income taxes.

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How important do you think farming is to the Douglas County economy?

How do they expect the average person on the street to answer such a question? How do I know how important farming is to the county's economy?

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Judge takes Kansas offender off ‘punitive’ registry

Personally I think we've gone over the top with the registered offender thing. People who are no more of a continuing threat to the community than the average person are forced to register, making it more difficult for them to find homes and jobs. IMO it's bad public policy to make it so very difficult for certain classes of people to re-enter normal society. They may become discouraged and give up on improving themselves. Or they may simply find it's nearly impossible.

I remember talking to a woman who told me that as a human resources employee at a factory, she prevented a registered child molester from getting a job there. I think I'd rather have the child molester gainfully employed at a factory for 40 hours per week than wandering the streets. We may not like such people personally. We certainly don't want them around children. But if they're in the community anyway, we should at least help them reintegrate in appropriate ways.

The judge is correct. These lengthy registration periods are sometimes merely punitive. When they have little to do with public safety, they harm both the offender and the community..

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