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McLouth student Justin Johnston shot, killed on school trip to Costa Rica; classmates returning to Kansas

I understand how confusing such tragedies can be when you know nothing about the Costa Rica so let me explain some doubts I've seen on some posts: Regarding to this hotel you mus understand that it is located on a rural area which is the reason there is a barbed wire fence... its not a sort of jail-style fence to keep people out, its meant to keep cows and other animals out, as well as to show that it is a private property, that you are not allowed to walk in as you please. Now regarding the "security officer" he just wasnt one, its common practice here for small businesses here to hire untrained security personnel mostly illegal aliens from neighboring countries and give them a gun with no permit at all (such was the case here) this is obviously a huge mistake from the hotel. That is why it is better to spend a few more bucks and stay in a well established hotel and do some background checking... On the other hand, making reference to prior deaths in the country is really just trying to hurt the country's reputation... take the ones quoted here: a group of students drowning.. WTH?? they unfortunately drowned on a beach clearly dangerous for its DEMARKED dangerous rip currents! beware... an a girl murdered in one of the most dangerous areas in Costa Rica which is like say a ghetto (dont know if this is a correct term) i wonder if she knew this or not...

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