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Views vary on New Urbanism proposal

to MadAsHell,

You're right, new developments should reflect current society. For example,
1.) The only thing visible from the street should be a solid, huge garage door. No house, no windows, no porches, and certainly no stupid floor mats that say welcome.
2.) No single family housing at all. Everything should be duplexes and apartments.
3.) All "yard areas" have to be surrounded by a eight foot privacy fence.

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Do you write thank-you notes after you receive presents?

Dear CEO/Boss,

Thank you for the one percent raise that you gave me and all the other employees in the company. I really appreciate it, especially when you said the company is experiencing such hard economic times.

Heck, when we (all the other employees) add our raises together it almost equals 1/100th of the raise you received.

Oh, and thanks for increasing the employee protion of health insurance costs. After all, that big bonus you received had to come from somewhere.

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Hookah bars find a place in American culture


Hookah sounds like a "good cause" to bring to Lawrence. Please spearhead the effort for 2006 and post updates for your fans in the LJW.

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Vermeil to step down

Bye Dick, hello losing seasons.

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American teen's empathy led him to travel to Iraq alone

First, it appears the the kid's father isn't being totally honest. Second, the kid may be smart, but also seems to be very misguided from a parental standpoint.

Better put them all on the NSA watch list.

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Homeless man jailed after traffic incident

To Purell,

I agree with you completely. Most of the time I regard the posts by -- Marion -- as nonconsequential gibberish at best. I suspect he spends twice as much time rereading and admiring his own posts as he does writing them. He's such a buffoon.

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Donors should not have been turned away, Goodwill says

I'm glad this made the local news as my family experienced the "turn-down" at the Lawrence Goodwill this past week, too. It was very disappointing because my entire family makes a huge annual Christmas donation of good quality clothing. Not this Christmas.

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Top 10 Kansans of 2005

hurray for Koch Industries- my hero, my mentor, the measure by which all others are measured on the sleaze scale.

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Couple sell flood-plagued home to city

Some of the the local builders are the ones to blame for extreme irresponsible building practices--- even fraud.

It's a travesty that certain local builders are allowed to build in the areas that have been flood plains for more than the last one hundred years. Then to make it worse, they scatter a few inches of "fill dirt" and build on it immediately. They don't allow for proper settling or solid foundation preparation. This results in huge cracks in the cement foundations, floors and walls within a few weeks- sometime days; not to mention the water and flooding problems.

Plus, they are building "new" cheap, shoddy houses that are in SouthWest Lawrence , North Lawrence and now in East Lawrence. In just two or three years those houses have serious foundation problems, separated frames, cracked walls, etc., etc.

I'd like to hear some comments on certain local builders. They are the real problem!!

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Homeless man arrested

Can one of the "long-timers" to Lawrence offer some insight as to when & why Lawrence started to have homeless problems.

It seems that for a midwestern town the size of Lawrence it has far more homeless shelters/people than other similar communities.

Surely, they all can't be local, born and raised. Where do they come from? How do they get here?

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