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Should companies charge employees who smoke more for their health insurance?

Once again, Marion presents a succint, sensible essay. I totally agree.

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The prescription for success

A good portion of the problem can be attributed to a company located in the East Hills office park area. They do a lot of government contracting work and have a history of fraud. Do an Internet search with the words "fraud" and "TSA". The TSA program is/was a huge government rip-off. Now the same corporate crooks are doing the Medicare program.

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What was Abraham Lincoln's greatest accomplishment?

Marion rules !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What was Abraham Lincoln's greatest accomplishment?

Oh, and Marion dear, pay no attention to the poster bullies.



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What was Abraham Lincoln's greatest accomplishment?

For a hint at style please see "Elements of Style" Strunk & White, 1918. As for "rhythmic cadence"; I don't quite know what you mean. However, it sounds provocative and more appropriate for another forum... direct me.

Otherwise, Marion I am not.

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What was Abraham Lincoln's greatest accomplishment?

Say what you will about this guy Marion. I only know of him through the comments he submits through the LJW. And, he certainly seems to have a lot of them. I may disagree with his positions, but his posts are well written, logical and exemplify critical thinking. He makes valid points without rambling about red-herring BS. IMHO.

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Landlords telling KU to lay down party law

Well then... an eye for an eye Ms. Hearn. The university should also lay down law and apply a heavy hammer to the sleazy, irresponsible land lords in Lawrence, too.

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Medical marijuana speaker appears today

The city leaders will be abscent from this event because the no smoking ordinance prevents them from toking in public places.

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Effects of city's smoking ban still in dispute

Personally, I think smoking is a vile, digusting, harmful thing to choose to do. I hate the smoke, the odor, the staining and the resulting problems it causes.

However, every poster (except this Marion person) always misunderstands this subject, the fundamental concept, the clear line of reasoning that is being misapplied.

Don't force a business to not allow a legally produced, legally distributed substance from being legally consumed by a legal consumer on the premise of a private business.

There is no law that forces a nonsmoker to enter a smoking-permitted business. A nonsmoker enters a smoking-permitted business completely of their own choosing. So, if you don't like the smoke then don't go into these businesses.

Excersize "consumer choice" and find a business that does not permit smoking... because that business owner chooses to cater to your particular customer preferences as a nonsmoker.

But, you say you can't find any businesses (restaurants, coffee shops, whatever) that are nonsmoking. Then again, excersize consumer choice... ask for it.

If that doesn't work then start your own smoke-free business. If there's a "free" demand for such a business, it will probably succeed. If there's not a demand for such a business then the free market has spoken.

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North Lawrence repairs total $41M

RE: Marion's statement about NL being a swamp.

Hey everyone, Marion is a frequent poster and receives a lot a flack. However, he has completely and totally got this one right. I urge you to reread his posts today. The "development" that has been allowed to happen in NL and other parts of this city are criminal.

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