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Do you wish it would snow?

I wish it would snow so I could walk downtown with a hat and scarf, in the snow and lights, just once. Then melt and be back to 55 in 2 days. :-)

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Are you giving up a vice for Lent?

why on earth would anyone give up anything that makes them happy? it's like we're sacrificing virgins to please the gods. makes no sense, hurts society. Catholicism is bull. in fact, i'm going to eat twice as much chocolate just to prove my point. i respect God and everything, but tell me why you have to be perpetually unhappy to get into heaven, mr. pope?

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Which restaurant do you wish delivered that doesn’t?

Chipotle and Yokohama.

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Lawrence man says he's victim of a hate crime after assault on Mass. Street last Friday

wow. do you actually know this guy, papermateclassic? just the fact that you say he stalks "straight" guys, and that makes him a perv, is a huge red flag on who you are. how is that relevant? so because he's gay, he's not allowed to be attracted to straight guys? hot is hot. i'm a straight woman, and i find certain gay guys attractive. it's a shame (for me) that they're gay. what, are you threatened by a gay man because he's attracted to who he is attracted to, regardless of their orientation? SO WHAT! chill. gay people are not deviants. they're not out to get you. and you call him a perv, and a freak? maybe what you perceive as stalking is just a vulnerability for being around people like you who broadcast to the public your disrespectful opinion of him. or maybe your just jealous of someone who is strong enough to be themselves, while you hide behind your judgement and misunderstanding. has he ever been arrested for stalking? has he ever harmed anyone? what evidence do you have that he is a dangerous person, hmmm?

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Should smoking be banned in residences owned by the Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority?

i don't think anyone's asking for handouts. it's not like they said "hey, i give up. you pay for my housing now?" they need it, for any number of reasons. i hope i never need that kind of help again, but i was fortunate enough to have my mom nearby, and then meet my boyfriend (who, by the way, has brought me back to life. if any of you ever meet him, his name is brian richling, and he's why i no longer believe no one cares). come on, where's your compassion, skinny?

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Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority considering smoking ban in its apartments

lol, oak. that is pretty funny :-) i totally agree on your comment that no one chooses to be homeless. i think people who use the housing authority are in need. i mean, there probably are some (few) a**holes who cook up a scheme to finance their lifestyles by using things like the housing, but mostly it's just people who need it. people who have a mental impairment are worse off than those who don't, and we shouldn't judge them. yes, they may make decisions like smoking that we don't like (this is excluding the fact that she almost burned down your home), but this is how it is. people need help sometimes, and we should just worry about our own happiness and be happy that we CAN provide for others when they need it. I know if i ever find myself in a position like that, i'd be grateful. so they smoke. so sue them. i don't want to be the kind of person who is so self-righteous that i judge those i help (that's not a personal attack, fyi. just a comment).

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Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority considering smoking ban in its apartments

exactly! we are human, with flaws. smoking is not a crime. we could find a unnecessary purchase in probably every home that is subsidized. just like everyone else. come one, do people really want to take away from the satisfaction of helping others by nitpicking at how they live their lives? smoking is within reason, buying a new car or taking advantage of the cheap housing in some way is not justified. smokers are not taking advantage, they just smoke. all of us who can afford to live elsewhere surely waste money in our own ways. people in glass houses....

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Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority considering smoking ban in its apartments

geez, get over it eride. how would you feel if you were in a position where you needed help, and then on top of that people are trying to dictate your spending habits? humiliating, no? it's gotta be pretty depressing to not be able to provide for yourself or your family, and on top of that you have to adhere to the rules of the people who helped you out? yes, the help should be used in a productive way, but the housing authority is for housing, not everyday living. let's say someone smoke 1 pack a day. $6 a pack times 7 days times 4 weeks. that's $168 a month. that's not getting anyone out of needing rental help.

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Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority considering smoking ban in its apartments

i get your point, eride, but there's no need for name calling. (asinine). I'm certainly not asinine.
I don't think buying soda is abusing people's money. Yeah, if people are in a position that requires the help of others, then they do KIND OF owe it to the people that are generous enough to give to use it in the most productive way. But generosity doesn't give us the right or power to dictate how they live their lives. It's not like we are going to these people's doorsteps and giving it ourselves. it's dictated by the government. if i gave my sister money to pay her rent when she's layed off (she's not, this is just for argument's sake), i would be pretty pissed if she spent it on worlds of fun or something. but just because they need help doesn't mean they don't deserve to buy sweet things or a cold coke in the summer. (seriously, who doesn't love that?) my point is, these things are in place to help them survive, and as long as they are, they don't owe us anything. they didn't choose to be poor, sometimes life just hands you a s**t deal. they deserve our help, and i honestly don't mind giving someone a couple bucks for an ice cream cone to cheer them up, even if it's just for a minute.

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