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Walkers Treading on Thin Ice

Doubtful Nut - reminds me of the time my wife said she was going for a walk. I brought up the possibility of holding the lawn mower in front of her and going back-and-forth across the yard during the 'walk'. That didn't fly too well.

The definition of exercise seems to be 'movement without producing any useful output' The moment you do something useful, it's called 'work' - and we have machines for that.

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Two injured in fall early Saturday

True, the article doesn't make it clear if LMH was the intended destination, or second choice based on lack of air service. LMH is less than a mile north of Ninth and Emery - I would think ground ambulance would be much quicker under any circumstances. But if the intent was to head to KC, even a 16 minute delay waiting for a helicopter could easily be made up in the air.

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Millions of Americans will have to repay part of tax credit

Thanks.....for nothing?!? Though I distinctly remember last years tax bill jumping by $1200 - to make repayment of the GWB tax 'break' also.

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Door-to-door sales on upswing in Lawrence

I think the best thing to do is say, "Can you wait a minute - I'll be right back" then just close the door and go about your business. For additional entertainment, place bets on how long / how many additional knocks they will make before moving on.

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Kansas Highway Patrol reducing driving miles, adopting other measures to save money

"Buttler said officers would still respond to calls for help and didn’t intend to issue any fewer tickets."

So this seems to be saying they intend to issue the same number of tickets - regardless of what traffic conditions actually warrant?

So much for not having quotas! Gotta keep that tax money rolling in.

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June skews this summer's numbers a bit

I don't know how the numbers officially stack up, but the next coolest summer which comes to mind was '91. I remember this well because I was excited to finally get a place with AC after the blazing summer of '90. Then Mount Pinatubo erupted and we had a cool, wet summer with hardly any need for the AC.

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Have you noticed less junk mail in your mailbox?

Yes - the never-ending flood of credit card offers seems to have dried up. No complaints there. I'd usually get 3-4 offers from the same company at the same time - one addressed to my actual name, one to actual name with middle initial, one to my first name with a common misspelling of my last name, and usually some combination of misspellings of my first/last name and/or street address.

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Wolf Creek shuts down nuclear reactor after power loss

Libby - this is really no different than a car requiring a battery to start the engine. 'grid' power 'should' be more stable than any one power plant. Plus, they need power for start up / shut down where the local reactor / generator is not producing power.

I'm not exactly sure what the line "required for the power plant to run it's not generating systems" means. I think you could just drop the 'not' or change it to 'own'.

Either way - sounds like things went as they should and the plant shut down safely.

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How many traffic accidents have you been involved in as a driver or passenger?

Been rear-ended 8 times while either stopped at a light/sign or waiting on traffic to make a turn.

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Boy licks light pole; tongue gets stuck

Just a dare, huh? No mention of progressing through the standard dare hierarchy. You don't have to do anything until the 'triple dog dare' is issued, but at that point, you pretty much have to go through with it. The kid should have known better!

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