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Lawrence version of Occupy Wall Street protest springs up

Good talk, Coach! Now take a lap and hit the showers!

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Lawrence version of Occupy Wall Street protest springs up

They're such loosers and morans!

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What business would you like to see open downtown?

I hope you're kidding.

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City adds 3 hybrid diesel-electric buses to public transit fleet

Honest question - why don't they sell advertising on these? Is there no market for it? Seems like an easy way to generate revenue.

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Dow average plunges 513 points, worst drop since 2008

"Stretch Cunningham, the funniest guy on the dock." Best screen name I've seen in a long time :)

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House approves GOP bill extending debt limit; Senate promptly rejects it

angelbear you really hit the nail on the head with this one or hit it out of the park as they sometimes say and i don't know who they who really says that sometimes but it is probably our congress and obama who thinks he is a messiah but rest assured the tea party will win this one and as my mama used to say before she passed out from drinking too much whiskey that democrats are annoying and republicans are aholes and im a long time listener first time caller and ill hang up and listen off the air thanks for you time

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Rod's Cards and Gifts stores selling out remaining Hallmark merchandise

Tried to find a Father's Day card at a drugstore that carries the American Greetings line. They were all awful.

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Always campaigning

Great post Alyosha.

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Statehouse Live: House Appropriations advances state employee pay cut; exempts support staff

how come you just rite in one long worded sentence no once can tell what you are trying if indeed you are trying to say something which at this point is really hard to tell becuze you dont use traditional methods of english commnuication the end

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