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Industry, beauty and antiques collide at North Lawrence corner

I agree that the two stores you mention have prices the usual shopper will find insane. Love the stuff but can't afford it! However, similar items can be found at Amy's Attic and the French-themed store. Those two owners seem to have maintained their always-surprising (!) low prices, given the items they constantly find and rotate. The fact that turnover is much faster in the lower-priced stores means (to me) it's more fun to shop at those frequently. ALWAYS something new and intriguing.
If you are looking for a single once-in-a lifetime piece or are an interior designer with high-end clients, I imagine the expensive stores are very helpful as well. :)
Whatever the case, I really salute all these talented women "finders"/business owners. Locust Street is great these days!

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100 years ago: Cobbler gets 11 months in jail for liquor sales

I once saw an old map of North Lawrence that included a short stretch of street marked "Rhode Island"(street extended to the river).

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Prayer list targets "dark spiritual areas" of Kansas, including Lawrence

Good idea. At the rate the Statehouse news is rolling in from Topeka this year, Stewart will need to hire full-time assistants to staff a dedicated Kansas Desk.

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We have MARVELLED at this place for years. The poster who said such (superb and honest!) mechanics cannot be found anymore expressed an opinion we, too, have voiced many times upon returning home from yet another honest Westside 66 assessment of a mechanical problem, usually followed by a correction that was low cost (and no doubt far below the cost charged by any other place). At one point, after taking me car in for an appointment, I was told I did not need that tune-up, based on when the vehicle had last been checked at Westside; I happily took the car back home. A few years later (2012), after badly chewed wires led to mechanical failure--and the discovery of a huge rodent nest beneath the hood of the vehicle--someone on the crew not only cleaned out the whole mess, but also rigged up a beautifully crafted architecture of poison blocks to surround the engine in a manner that obviously took significant time. The charge? Negligible. Once again, an always-cheerful Richard carefully explained the entire situation, along with advice on avoiding such problems in the future.
While recently contemplating a move from Lawrence, I (half-seriously) stated we simply cannot move ("We'll never find another Richard of Westside 66!").

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A family tradition endures

You've written here of an astonishing act that I, never having heard of this family until today, will remember the rest of my life. What a POWERFUL (and generous) teacher she must have been.
Thanks very much for your comment!

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Midland Railroad dining car to open in Baldwin City

Hmmm. Din-ning car? (Dining might attract more riders.)

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Town Talk: Another store adds to antique hub in N. Lawrence; group still pondering riverfront redevelopment; abandoned trailer park may become single-family neighborhood

Another new business on Locust St. (down on 5th and Locust) is a wedding and party rental company. Their showroom alone is worth a stop because it is in a very old building similar to the Davis building at 7th. I stopped in during one of the NOLA nights--and found the place to be amazing.

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Burglary map

Please include North Lawrence?

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Everything will seem great during first Critter Control visit (w/ required up-front payment for job!). However, after initial monitoring for critters, expect one or two no-shows from the fast-talking, friendly Lawrence rep who is already on to the next job without attending to your (previously agreed upon) basic maintenance. Took time off from my job twice to no avail.
POOR service. I will instead hire a regular handyman who needs a job and gains an extra-extra-grateful customer.

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Drought threatens Monarch butterfly population

Beautiful post. Thank you for writing it.

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