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Idea of increasing City Commission size discussed at candidate forum

Bob Schumm says and I quote "I get up each morning and say, ‘Protect downtown, protect downtown, protect downtown,’”

This seems to be part of the problem. Its a commissioners job is to protect the entire city. Seeing how some commissioners own property downtown, doesn't that make any decisions on downtown a conflict of interest? Its time to elect a mayor and replenish the commissioners with solid candidates that do NOT own property on Mass Street. Time for Lawrence to grow up and slip on their big boy pants and wave goodbye to good ole boy politics!!

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Jefferson's suffers 'extensive damage' from fire, smoke

Biggs for wings. Also maybe the city needs to start inspecting commercial rental buildings like they do residential rentals.

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Cancer defeated, Bigg's Barbecue owner ready to help feed hundreds on Christmas

Fantastic news. Proud I can call you and Shawn my friends. Merry Christmas.

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Opinion: Separate sports, politics

Mr. Keegan. I'm a little concerned about a couple things you are ranting and raving about. You are suppose to be the sports media outlet and have your thumb on things in the city when it comes to high school sports. However, you never attend the banquets or return phone calls and RSVP's. It seem its that YOU hide behind your keyboard at times. The football banquet date was set around many other activities going on a Free State. There were only a few dates open that we could have this. The coach, yes Coach Lisher made the decision to have it a few days before "the biggest game of the season" instead of a month and a half after the season was over. Again this is all due to school availability. Please get a little more involved before you start bashing the best high school sports program in the city. As far as your rant #3. Its obvious you have never had a boy in high school at Free State or you would have never written that post. Again. Get more involved at the high school level. Please.

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Opinion: Firebirds' late-season letdown serves as lesson

I agree with McFarland all the way. These kids worked their butts off to get further than any of the KC, Lawrence or Sunflower league sports writers thought they would at the beginning of the season. To suggest they would even care about LHS is just ridiculous. Free State football has the best program of any sport at any school in Kansas. If the LJ World sports writers cant recognize this then maybe they need to start doing the 3:00AM farm report. Thank you Free State Coaches and especially Coach Lisher. Also a huge thanks to the Seniors. They took on the role of leaders to perfection and it was an honor watching you. Cant wait for the day when the LJ World recognizes what a great program there is on the NW side of town.

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Firebirds No. 1 in new poll; Chiefs name Lisher coach of the week

Congratulations to Coach Lisher and all of his assistant coaches. What a class football program at Free State.

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First Bell: School board honors students; bomb threat means longer days ahead at Free State High School

Here's a dumb idea. Have them go a full day on every Wednesday's and Thursday's. Not only can they make up from he bomb threat, they can get out of school a few weeks earlier. Wait!! That makes way too much sense. My bad.

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Nothing suspicious found after bomb threat at Free State; classes to resume on Friday

If you didnt get contacted please make sure the school has your current information on file.

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Thanks due

Next time it snows and you are on your walk. Take your shovel with you and help a little instead of pounding your chest.

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