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KU football picked last in Big 12 media poll

Much crow will soon be eaten by the media and all those that doubt...

Rock Chalk!

Bring back the '41 Jayhawk!!

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KU’s top 10 juco football recruits

Tom, while I appreciate any and all KU football news...your last few articles continue to baffle me. I do not expect you to be a homer but you almost seem to be auditioning to write for or the Columbia Tribune. Why write this article the day BEFORE Junior College signing date?? Give more fuel to the schools trying to get our commitments to change their mind today ahead of signing.

This staff and the current players that are assisting with the recruiting process are doing a great job with the challenges we inherited -- we don't need you adding more mine fields...

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KU football by the numbers

While your numbers are valid - you must take a bigger overall view to fully evaluate the season. Compared to 2011 the improvements on the field are significant while the talent level increase was marginal at best. That is to be expected when a coaching staff comes in during the middle/end of the recruiting season. This year should see marked improvement on the talent front - as long as every school we are going against isn't using this article as part of the arsenal against us.

Since you are at every game - I am amazed you seem to forget the weekly beatdowns that occurred in conference in 2010 and 2011. Yes, we had a bad end to our season when the lack of numbers, talent and schemes to run with said talent had worn down. But winnable games against OK State - which hung 70 on us in 2011; Texas, which buried us; Texas Tech - on the road; plus two non con games we will win in future - Rice and BCS participant Northern Illinois.

I am reminded that the past two successful coaches at KU, Mason and Mangino, won 1 and 2 games respectively their first year - but saw marked improvement with fundamentals. Eerily similar to what Coach Weis did in 2012. The coaches that were not successful - Valesente/Allen/Gill had their high water mark in year 1 - feeding off previous staff talent - before flushing it away.

I encourage you to "clip and save" this article - I know I will - and then after the 2014 season you can write the follow up. I believe history will show that this football program will be successful, starting its new bowl progression and on solid ground.

Rock Chalk!!

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KU visit should be highlight for prospective students

You are right on point! Unfortunately, my son, and many others, experienced the same thing two years ago. When I brought this up to a friend of mine in the Alumni association I was told KU has brought in a new person to head this up and it is much better. So much for that!
KSU, Mizzou and even Arkansas are making high school seniors feel welcome, charged up about their school, etc. KU falls in line with the outside personna that we are Snob Hill.

I think it is time the Regents take a strong look at KU and realize there has been a slow decline in the total University performance (top to bottom) for some time and change is due - NOW.

Excellent editorial and thank you for bringing this to light - hopefully someone in Strong will pay attention.

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Football legend Gale Sayers leaves Kansas Athletics post

Interesting that Sayers is still listed on the KUAC Directory and the Dave Campos is not...

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Agg beating: Jayhawks suffer worst blowout of season in 61-7 loss to Texas A&M

All due respect to Kuhlman - not all your facts are accurate and they make your response erroneous. Mangino won the year after the Orange Bowl and was fired - maybe wrongly - the following year. When Glen Mason was here in the late 80's and 90's KU started to make a positive mark in the fb program but he never had the support from Dr. Frederick and others to make the next step. Mark Mangino got it going but in the end his actions and some bad recruiting late hurt him. Then we hired Turner Gill who had a losing record at a MAC school and was not hired by the school that recruited him, coached him, hired him as an asst coach and had the AD there that is considered his great frriend. I will credit him that our recruiting has improved under Coach Gill but the other aspects of the program have declined dramatically. In no particular order - strength and conditioning program; defense coaching and accountability (see Def Coord comments after KSU game on "now we will make kids accountable at practice"); lack of coaching at halftime - check out our 3rd quarter numbers with any game we were competitive at the half; no on-field coaching on sidelines. Watch our players come off field after a series and see lack of interraction with coaching staff and compare it to the other sideline - any other sideline. And now our recruiting is starting to feel the pains - and throwing Coach Gill out there another season will only cement the decline with plahyers, fans/ticket sales. and recruits. KU needs to cut the losses, make the change with a coach with instant credibility and make a commitment.

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Ben Kirtland pleads guilty in federal court to role in KU ticket scam

Morningstar: wait for it....until after the bb season.

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