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Column: Kansas can spin its fate into fuel

Tom is there any chance Embiid does not return? think KU could be fine first week.. Hope Joel considers returning for the second game. one thing about NCAA he would play one game then could sit 5 days play 1 rest a day then another game and a week of rest hopefully 2 last games... All for the best Jo .. hope Nadir , Black , Ellis , Wiggins , Seldon , Traylor , Lucas , Green , Mason and Conner take the challenge and step up ..

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Column: Better team won Sunday's Top 25 showdown at Allen Fieldhouse

at Oklahoma 50/50 ... loose this game and percentage goes way up to loose 5-7 more win this game and maybe team will start to pull together... right now would have to say chances of ten Big 12 Champs in a row look bad. IF the Jayhawks can not defend home court !

at Iowa State 90% loss
at Baylor 70% loss
at Oklahoma State 80% loss
at Texas and maybe KSU 55% loss
throw in another crazy ( TCU type ) loss and this team may be one and done alright .. one and done in tourney...

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Column: Better team won Sunday's Top 25 showdown at Allen Fieldhouse

some real concerns . they did not get better over break. freshman do not seem to understand losses will add up. Big 12 will be several times harder than games they have played so far. no matter how much talent if they loose 4-6 more they could face an 9 seed or dare I say NIT. Oklahoma will tell us a bunch. If they continue to sit outside and fire threes and do not get after rebounds... this team could be on the outside by end of Jan.
4 losses this month is Very possible... they are painting themselves in corner and think pure talent will pull them out.... I have never been down on this team , but after comments post game... they do not seem close to understanding how fast they can be out of top 40 .. better grow up quick.

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Column: Jayhawks will keep things interesting in second half

Great article Matt ! spot on , future looks bright.. so many possibilities .. Greene getting better , Seldon will find his flow. Wiggins learning where he needs to be.. I think he has been just right. let Embiid grow.. we know what Ellis can do ... as they figure each other out . hope Wiggins , Ellis , Embiid , Seldon , Black can understand when it is time for each of them to take over..

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Column: Loaded schedule should help young Jayhawks prepare for March

Fans bunch of babies. Lead top ten nova with 35 secs left , beat by a crazy shot on the road to top 25 Colorado and almost came back at Florida where Senior team never looses this team will be as good as any in the country come march.

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No trip to title game for KU

we all need to ease up. these kids are very young and very good ... going to be some growing pains .. but by tourney time ... they will be ready... would like to see Embiid and Mason get a chance to start.. but minutes will make them all better. learn lessons and be ready for big 12 .. in the end that is what will make us tough enough for the real tourney.. this is just a game freshman will have .

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Back to the futile

KU needs to handle Charlie the exact same as he did Cozart. YANK him.

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Back to the futile

"pretty stupid at the time because it was a 10-0 game" Charlie understands waaaaay to late.

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Back to the futile

What is bad , Charlie does not understand what he is doing wrong.. game is close , chance to put points on the board and Charlie goes for it on 4th down. like kicking the team in the gut mentally to make such a terrible choice. take the 3 Charlie .. we were inside the 20 ? not the 40 .. then he kicks the ball from the 35 for a net gain of 15 ? wow Charlie go for it on 35 , kick it on 15 ... any top 100 coach knows the basics.. can not coach fundamentals .. he has not learned fundamentals.


question is , hey Charlie " have you seen the crappy coaching job on the field ? " KU deserves more than Turner Gill & Charlie . everyone in nation knows how bad he coaches.. just ask Lou Holtz :)

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Tale of the tape: KU vs. Iowa State

Coaching: Edge .. every other team...

come on Charlie, down 2 scores he does not kick field goal.. on the 14... then he punts on 37 ? players have zero faith in Charlie and his offense.. Sims rushing working .. so Charlie goes to pass.. he outsmarts himself... real killer to players mentally to know he will make the worst play call. If Charlie stays in locker room .. they may stand a chance..

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