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Capital trade: Kelly Oubre picked 15th, dealt to Washington; Alexander fails to hear his name called

in same conversation as Wiggins and Embiid #1#2

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Oubre, Alexander to learn NBA fate

Like Oubre confidence.. Cliff GROW UP ! you got the cards you deserved .. first your family KNEW the rules. your mouth will get you right where Josh Selby went.. nowhere.... hmmm Selby had NCAA problems and Family in his ear telling him how great he was .. you would have been better to listen to coach... face it high school was easy for EVERY big guy.. you came to KU and you could have been great if you listened , learned and your family waited a year to cash in... good luck fat chance you will ever be a part of the Great KU family Wiggins , Pierce , McLemore , Chalmers , Kirk , Collison guys who loved KU ... you have physical talent .. but you will have to Grow up to ever be a force in the NBA .. prediction .. you will be mad sitting on the bench there also.. and tell everyone .. the REAL Alexander is the one you saw in high school as you are never able to sign a second NBA contract... Maybe you can get an autograph from Wiggins...

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Bad weather forecast prompts cancellation of KU's Big Event

yes .. to bad .. so much work to put this event on.. great for Lawrence .. but does seem WEATHER SERVICE has been Wrong more than right.... twice week before last we rescheduled events because forecast of 100% chance of rain... did not get a drop and 80% chance .. again not one drop.. only people I know that can be wrong most of the time and get promoted.. well other than Goldman Sachs executives.. ;)

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Perry Ellis reveals decision to remain at Kansas for senior season

Thank You Perry ! 50 year KU fan ... huge Ellis fan. he just gives it up for us day in and day out. Perry needs help on other side.. we need a big Smart player on other side .. If teams have to pay attention to a BIG low post player .. Ellis will kill them from shooting and driving.. but again need Hunter , Lucas or maybe Cheek / Zimmerman to be STRONG. rebound , block and dish to Perry .

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Self’s prediction: UK over Duke in final

shaka better shutta his mouth KU beat KU .. lazy play and arrogance .. if we played 10 games that year we beat VCU 7 .... bring it on to the big stage shaka... huggy bear will school you on the press...

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McDonald’s standouts inspire rumors

time to cut Cliff loose..

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Column: WSU holds at least one tourney edge

KU fans show your confidence... not only does NCAA think Big 12 is tough .. so does VEGAS 6 of 7 Big 12 teams are favored in first game... including an 11 seed Texas over a 5 seed Butler.. and OSU is pick em or 1 point dog... KU 40-1 to win all WSU 80-1 Rock Chalk !! lets go Perry , keep it up Seldon , stay solid Mason , Lucas & Hunter and step it up Oubre , Traylor we will be on the winners side....

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Column: WSU holds at least one tourney edge

Hey Tom and pessimistic fans... I am glad you are sooooo much smarter than the NCAA committee members.. Can WSU win sure but should 2 or even if you think we should have been 3 ... seed beat 7 or even if you think they should have been a 4 .. whatever way you slice it stop acting like wimps .. KU should win.. last year means nothing.. the way you all talk if WSU was in Big 12 they would still have only lost 4 games all year and would rout OU , ISU , Baylor , Texas and WVU without breaking a sweat... MAN UP !!

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Column: KU vs. WSU? Yes, please

one way to look at it ... a team from Kansas would be in the sweet sixteen for sure

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Brannen Greene to return for Big 12 Tournament

Brannen , hang in there ... your shot reminds me of Rush .. he had some tough stints.. but he hung in there and has a National Championship ring for it .. Big 12 titles nice for your resume.. but give it all you have and hang with KU and You will get a ring .. it is coming !

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