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Squeezed out for player of the year, Perry Ellis earns first-team All-Big 12 selection

I will take Ellis every day the week... If other coaches were Honest , they know he is THE MAN !! Huggins ???????? give me a break ! no the year , heck KSU had 3 honorable mention ... so tell me how can Self win 11 in a row and Iowa State has more players getting honors ? Self best coach ESPECIALLY THIS YEAR !!!!

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Bill Self: A negative ruling on Cliff Alexander would keep him out of NCAAs

wonder why a school , KU , could not sue the agent to recover costs of Cliff coming to KU ? the agent obviously knew this not allowed ... It s time the NBA and crooked agents have to PAY ... hope Cliffs mother realizes how this hurts her son and his school. his draft spot will drop.. the small amount she got will be 20 times less than what it will hurt his first contract..

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Carlton Bragg ready to announce college choice

he is coming to KU ... JW slow to report

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Self: Having two of NBA draft's top picks 'means a lot' for KU

Hmmmm Danny never took a kid ( Embiid ) from no where on the rivals board... when Self started recruiting.... to the # 3 pick in draft and actually would have been #1 without foot problem... Danny is great .. but Self much better coach.. and yes especially big men .

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Zenger: ‘Bonnie will be back’ to lead KU women's basketball

11 years ? no conference winning season .. hmmmm even football has been better.. 08 orange bowl and we fire Mangino...

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Analysts: KU-bound duo deserving all-stars

yes .. dunks are like 90% as we know bunnies are missed frequently.. 90% compared to 60% DUNKS energize the team and the crowd ! would Much rather have Ellis DUNK ! his % and points per game would go up...

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Column: For our sakes, Embiid should stay at KU

I know I am nuts... Jo is very different .. his family is doing well , he will never be out of the draft.. X Henry is doing great in the NBA right now... his family had money .. he would have been fine.. he plays on a team that loses most nights.. ask him if he would give up a few mil to have back a year where he was king , a year like we all know college best year of all of our lives.. a year where he wins almost every game.. another year to play ball with his brother.. yep all of those who say grab the money because you have never had millions.. millions can wait , but never Never can you buy all the experiences , the relationships , the fun of college .. so go ahead tell em to run for the cash.. 40 mil so much different from 42 mil... by the way the stupid injury theory is crazy .. ask Okafor.. 10 years and 50 mil later... yes we are selfish .. at the same time please let a kid have some fun.. if you watched X Henry .. he WANTED to stay .. he gave in to pressure from everyone grab the dough.. years later he gets beat almost every night .. his team is a joke.. let a young man make his own decisions .. Either way I can see he loves life and wish him the best.. but for Tom and me .. stay..
he he...

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One not done: Wayne Selden to return for sophomore season at Kansas

what a bunch of stupid comments... THANKS FOR BEING A JAYHAWK WAYNE ! Beware of trolls.. Adam , Armen must not be able to read ... if not for one and done rule Wayne would have been first round pick out of high school. all draft experts confirm late first early second.. Wayne has so much potential , he Will develop into an excellent long term pro.. Thanks for staying and almost every Hawk fan I know smiled little brighter with the news.. some like those above not glass half empty .. they are just flat miserable..

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Disappointed Jayhawk fans bemoan loss to No. 10 Stanford in downtown Lawrence

by the way it is nasty cold and snowing .... he he

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