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Cheick Diallo plans on entering NBA Draft, Self tells Journal-World

Best of luck . the NCAA really hurt KU and Cheick this year. please LISTEN yes Embiid made correct decision .. lottery pick guaranteed great money ... second round not so much .. He will be good , needs tons of work with his feet and NBA not the greatest place to learn ... to be honest may not be room for him at KU if Thon Maker would actually come... either way good luck and wish all KU players the best ! with guys that already coming returning we are favorites to win big 12 ... anyway you look a it another 1 or 2 seed coming ... we will make a Final Four very soon and can see Bragg getting a ring soon .. Hope Perry gets good contract , will miss him a bunch !

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Extra incentive: Wayne Selden Jr. helps KU win battle of blue bloods

Really Really like Selden.. when he plays with confidence he is a man among boys... he is stronger and more athletic than almost all other guards.. these guys together are great Ellis is *steady* greatness 4 loses he has 78 --- 4 wins he has 80... he gives us 20 game after game ..

Selden comes with confidence we win Period.. 4 loses he had 41 good 10 point average , but ..... in 4 wins against tough teams ***99*** this is against OU , Tex , Baylor , Kentucky ... Selden averaged 25 !!! Thanks Wayne ... you are the key .. take it to them ...

when Wayne goes to the rim , then pops out for a three no one can guard him !!!

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks lacking leadership needed to win on road

Selden Selden Selden Selden Selden Selden Selden Selden Selden Selden you should dominate guy guarding you , not team mates ! drive it drive it to the rim , do not let much smaller guy take ball out of your hands , show them you are stronger .. shot not falling from 3 .. get in game drive rim or step in shoot 8 footer . do not just stand on outside watching...
Leadership comes from actions not words

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Minutes crunch: Bill Self again relies on veterans

how Selden could be up for any trophy before Perry is Crazy ! Perry by far best player on KU team and has proven over and over he can outplay Niang .. ... Buddy Hield I agree ... again KU fans better thank lucky stars Perry is here .. without Perry this team may not even make tourney.. our Guards sure will not.. our big man on other side Never pulls defenders away from Perry .. with our guard play would like to see us try Diallo , Perry and Bragg at same time.. wonder how teams could triple Perry then... Ellis would have 30 with other teams lack of big men depth attempting to slow Bragg and his 12 -15 footers and Diallo blocks , rebounds and dunks.. right now our guards look like they want to rest .. give em a rest ... look this team will never get past second round of tourney with playing same guys that lost last year ... minus Oubre.... ISU proved that ... rotation minutes first half and energy ..

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Disconnected: Jayhawks melt down in second half

we need to a play coming out of half to open lane for Seldon to drive and DUNK get his head in game for second half .. he looks like he does not want the ball.. he is stronger than most guards he goes against.. lets see it do not just sit outside and launch threes.. mix it up if his shot is off open Perry outside and drive Seldon .. heck Perry has just as good three point shot .. Seldon needs to understand he is stronger and more athletic than man guarding him... prove it at the rim !!

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Disconnected: Jayhawks melt down in second half

the ONLY PLAYER playing well is Perry .. he carries this team on his back !!! Perry outshined Niang on his home court ! you want to go off on Seldon fine Graham fine .. but KU fans should remember without Perry this team would not sniff top 25 !!!

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KU coach Bill Self says Cheick Diallo should be deemed eligible by NCAA ... pronto

Louisville is still playing games .. Pitino is still coaching games ... MAJOR INFRACTIONS positive KU was not buying hookers for Mr. Diallo how can the NCAA drag this out and still allow Louisville to hammer schools who never get the NCAA to undo the harm done. NCAA has to change !!! MAJOR infractions get little attention... North Carolina ranked 1 NCAA seems like they did not care much about what they found there ... the NCAA is complete mess and time for the ACC , Big ten , Big 12 . SEC and Pac 12 to say speed it up or we do not need you... kind of like Norte Dame did years ago with zero harm to ND

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Father explains Greene’s 6-game suspension due to playing-time dispute

had to have Mason because Greene has no D !!! KU has no big guard willing to say and do it I will guard him and shut him down if I do not get to shot ONE shot D first we WIN this is about TEAM last year Oubre could guard .. this year we have no 6-5 guard who plays D.. this team is in for long year till theses "shooters" decide to become defenders ...Perry is our scorer defend and rebound

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Father explains Greene’s 6-game suspension due to playing-time dispute

he is great guy BUT he should have sent all his time getting better on D *****D ****DEFENSE*** his playing time would go way up .. we did not lose game because Brannen nothing to shoot 3s w need *BIG* GUARD who will go to coach and say I WILL SHUT THIS GUY DOWN ! PERIOD ! has to be Green , Seldon or Vick MSU beat us because we could not stop them any recruit that watches KU knows you want big minutes PLAY BIG MINUTES D PERIOD !!!
DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE THAT WILL GET YOU PLAYING TIME complaining will have you on sitting in front of tube watch KU in Final Four

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Capital trade: Kelly Oubre picked 15th, dealt to Washington; Alexander fails to hear his name called

in same conversation as Wiggins and Embiid #1#2

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