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Have you ever prayed to a higher power for a sports team you root for to win a game?

my hubby is a cubs fan he prays all the time lol.

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Thanks to citizens with cameras

i would never support a police officer using their position for bad but i can also say i have always been glad to see them show up when i call.

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Thanks to citizens with cameras

when you get your drivers license it states on the paperwork that you sign that to submit or not is up to you but that the penalty for not submitting is to suspend your driving privleges. a choice then that was made and clearly not the police officers fault. you can be sober and safe but they see daily what happens when people are not. perhaps those injuries and deaths that everyone bitches about them doing nothing about colors their vision just a bit?

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Teen rethinking apology letter to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

she should write the apology, he is not on my list of favorites he was wrong on so many levels but she should not have been tweeting on phone and tweeting that she called the gov out when she didnt and was in fact at the back of the class on her phone is lame, lying or wishful thinking. kids make mistakes but at least standing up and doing the right thing should be included in her education. if she wanted to call out gov she should have been at the front, listening and expressing her views. off the electronics and develop a mind.

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Clamor erupts over teen’s tweet about Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

i dont like Brownback. the kid was tweeting on a school field trip so jeez put the phone away...she also lied in her tweet about calling out the gov in public. If she had stepped up in public with her questions and comments i would be more supportive. i say she writes an apology letter of sort and then actually acts instead of tweets and becomes actually involved in what she believes.

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Where do you volunteer?

special olympics.

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Brownback criticized for signing abortion bill that opponents say will hurt women who get impregnated after being raped

If women cant have their insurance compainies pay for abortions especially in the case of rape or incest they should atomatically get handgun training and a concealed carry permit.

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