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Feeling free: Perry Ellis has career game as KU downs Iowa State

Just win baby! That's what KU does. ISU needs to learn how. ISU already knows how to whine. That is proven.

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Dayne Crist solid, not spectacular — yet

Saw alot of dropped passes. I think the receivers were surprised that a catchable ball was being thrown their way. Breshears dropped 2 that were in his hands at the numbers. Put in the tall receivers in the red zone - omigie, ford, turzilli and let them do their thing. Overall, impressed with Crist. He is accurate. But his receivers are letting passes sail through their hands. this team is much better than anything on the field the last two seasons. beware, our kicker can't get it into the end zone on kick offs. We never had a touchback. each time sdsu kicked off - it was 5 yards deep into the end zone and a touchback. We are going to have to corner kick and use the sideline as part of the defense. I saw a lot more poise than at any time the last couple of years. Give them a couple of games and they will be better. not perfect - but better. the crowd was sitting on it's hands last night. get up and act like you know what you are doing - this is football. spit, growl and cuss - do something - otherwise stay home and bitch about the economy.

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Charlie Weis kicks backsides, returns names

The most recognizable and unique mascot/symbol in college sports and a way to increase brand awareness and brand equity. Please put the jayhawk on the helmet. Rock chalk jayhawk!

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‘Big D’-fense: Ex-Dallas Cowboys coach Campo to head Weis’ defense

Jayhawk on the helmets, names on the jerseys, please.

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What do you think of Charlie Weis as Kansas University football’s next head coach?

This is a high risk - high reward move. I think it was about time we either play the game or sit on the sidelines. We are all in with this hire. I think it is awesome. The hiring of TG did nothing for me. This hire makes me excited. Let the tailgate begin! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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Name recognition: Jayhawks get big name — Charlie Weis

If he can win football games and represent the university well, I don't care if he looks like Jabba the Hut! Get over it. Don't worry, be happy we got a coach with alot of junk in the trunk! Get that weight going in the right direction and it's a steam roller baby! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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Lots of new faces ...but will they all play? McLemore, Traylor still ineligible

It's not really about entrance standards. But that is a part of it. Both athletes attended multiple schools during high school. Because they are athletes and on scholarship, the NCAA has the right to research all transcripts and validate classes completed and grades achieved. Basically, they are making sure there is not a scam occurring. When you take these athletes along with hundreds of others across the country that are in the same situation in other division 1 schools, it takes time and money to accomplish all the research needed for validation. If the student athletes attended one school throughout, it would be an easier process. From what I have read, Mr. McLemore and Mr. Traylor attended multiple schools during high school with Mr. Traylor attending 3 during his senior year.
Everything may be on the up and up, but because the NCAA is the enforcement division regarding student athlete eligibility there is much more scrutiny (public and otherwise) than a typical freshman college student. I wish them the best.

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Offenders face an even tougher job market but there is some help in Kansas

Hey cold geniuses. If they can't find a job. Don't be surprised if they don't find you and take your wallet or your life.
Haters- do something constructive and help somebody rather than judging. You get off your pompous a__.
You are only contributing to the perpetuation of crime rather than helping to fix the problem. These people did the crime, did their time. Now, help them before someone else becomes a victim. You guys are idiots and don't see the big picture. If you can't see it in your own living room while you are watching your big screen tv - it doesn't exist, right?
Wait til an unsavory type moves in next door and rocks your world and makes you wake up and smell the roses. I love it when idiots like you get your comeuppance. You are not so right after all, are you? You need to be humbled.
That's why there is class crash and we are headed to a revolution. You'll be the first to go down because you aren't tough enough to be anything but a soft, judgemental, idiot with no guts or courage. I can't wait.

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Travis Releford now doubtful for Iowa State game

So far, my favorite player on the team. He is consistent and always plays with a high level of energy. He has been a pleasant surprise this season and rarely has a negative play (turnover, bad pass, etc.,). He is also devastating to the opposition when he is the point defender on the 3/4 press or full court press. Rebound quickly Travis. This team needs your positive energy.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback's budget director has recommended lower taxes, higher tuition, vouchers

Hmm. A voucher system for education. In theory, not a bad idea. But in reality probably not practical unless the system is set up to make things equal between the poor and the rich. More money on vouchers for the poor and less for the rich. Why? Because the poor do not have the extra money to transport, feed, cloth and provide the extras to get their kids to private schools. If vouchers are an equal allotment, those with less money will not be able to afford the private schools because of the extras involved in being in a private school. Therefore, the education received by the various classes is not equal. This just creates a greater chasm between the haves and the have nots. Whatever happened to integration and providing the same learning environment for all - rich, poor, middle class? I am not saying that the rich do not deserve their money. They do. They worked for it. But a voucher system doesn't really address the challenge of an enhanced education system. The richer get a better education and the poor receive less. Just something to think about. I don't have an answer but there has to be a way. Let's find it.

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