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Bond support builds, as consolidation plans for Lawrence elementary schools lag

The only way that bond issue should pass is if it is closing existing schools and consolidating. That would save money on administration and give better resources to the children. For those of you who don't understand how this saves money look at the millions in upgrades and retrogrades required to bring those 6 schools into compliance and make them on a par with the other schools.

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Pedestrian-car accident at 26th and Iowa sends Lawrence man to Topeka hospital

I get the driver may have been technically correct to stop, then proceed with her turn, however if nothing else common courtesy should have prevented this accident. If she didn't see that there was a pedestrian that close to her she was being extremely inattentive.

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Lawrence man, 18, given probation term for sexual encounter with 14-year-old girl

Nope he's probably remembering just fine. Age of consent in KS is 16 not 14. Has been that way for way longer than either of them were alive. If you are within 2 years of the under 18 individual's age there are no charges. The girl was below the age of consent and was more than 2 years younger than the man. He is very lucky probation is all that he was hit with.

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Town Talk: UPDATE: Old Navy confirms it will close Lawrence store; city says pothole numbers way down; $900,000 project to add turn lane at Sixth and Iowa

As much traffic as 6th and Iowa gets, and the way the city will continue to grow, the best solution for the intersection would be to fill in the valley and the underpasses and make it a traditional 4 way intersection with multiple lanes in each direction. However that solution would be cost prohibitive in the extreme. I do agree with whoever said that they need to add a turn lane from Eastbound 6th onto Iowa at the same time they add the Westbound turn lane.

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Town Talk: Commissioner wants to change name of 11th Street to honor Fambrough; homeless shelter plans to move by early summer; apartment plan creates tension, accusations

Streets that run North South are named. Streets that run East West are numbered. Changing numbered streets to names just makes navigation confusing to people who don't live in the area.

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Free State students likely to make up time lost to bomb threat

Actually at the high school level they only get out 30 minutes early on Wednesday, and then an hour early on Thursday, and usually start an hour late on Thursdays as well. But no way the "collaboration" sacred cow could ever be touched.

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Automation, recycling still on Solid Waste Task Force's working list while trash options being sorted

The City needs to stay out of the recycling business. There are already companies that provide this service. There are also free options for people that do not want to pay extra to recycle. If the goal is to increase recycling then stick to allowing 1 cart of trash per week and charge for extra bags. Make the fee for the extra bags enough and people will recycle.

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District learns from bomb threat notification delays

As a parent I'm legally responsible for the safety of my child and also legally responsible for any trouble he causes. There was a major failing in their notification process, they have admitted it and have a plan on how to rectify it in the future. Why is it so hard for you to grasp that despite the fact that most high school kids are more than able to get themselves home safely it is still a responsiblity of the school to notify the parents of the situation in a timely manner? Until the child is 18 the parent is responsible.

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District learns from bomb threat notification delays

Nobody said someone should stay in the building. The notification can easily be sent from district offices or even any other school in the district. Not really a hard concept to grasp.

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