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Harmon-Thomas getting back on track

Trevor Hillis (pole vault) of FSHS also set the school record yesterday. I believe he vaulted 15 feet. It was an impressive feat too.

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After son's health scare, mother fights to get AED devices in Theatre Lawrence

As a former cardiac and current PACU nurse, I am a huge supporter of AED's. They are simple to use and save lives. I think they should be available at all sporting events, theaters, churches, schools, malls, gyms, government buildings. My father died of a heart attach at the age of 64 while doing his daily work out at my hometown YMCA. There was a nurse that found him and began CPR, but there was no AED available. I applaud this mom for getting involved and taking action and I'm so glad her son is recovering!

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Free State cross country teams rule meet

Benton, I also want to thank you for covering HS cross country and track and field. I tell the kids all the time how lucky we are to live in a town that doesn't just cover HS football, baseball and basketball.

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Free State fall sports jamboree

The cross country team (boys and girls) ran a mile in the stadium during the half time of the football scrimmage. The girls volleyball team played in the gym, the boys soccer team scrimmaged at the soccer field, all the fall sports were introduced in the stadium. I saw the LJ world photographer taking photos of some of the participants other than the football scrimmage and the one pic of band and one of the pom squad. It would be nice to post those pictures too.

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The Free State High drum squad leads the band onto the track before the kickoff of the Firebirds' fa

The Cross Country team (boys and girls) ran a mile in the stadium during the half time of the football scrimmage. Boys soccer scrimmaged on the soccer field, girls volleyball played in the gym. There were lots of other sports and clubs represented that night. It's a shame that LJWorld only chose to show pictures of football and one of band and the pom squad. I know the photographer took shots of some of the other events. It would be nice to post those pictures too.

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Free State girls capture 6A state track title; Harmon-Thomas adds two more

Claire Sanner, freshman distance runner for Free State, also earned a 6th place finish in the 3200 and added 3 points to the teams total.

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Calling his shot? McLemore's banked-in 3 saves KU in 97-89 OT win

So nice to see how humble Ben is. First thing he says when asked about the Chop play is about his teammates. Travis setting the screen and Elijah with the pass. Ben is a terrific kid, and good for him if he plays his way into the NBA next year. He is so fun to watch and it's amazing to think of how good he would be with even more years under Coach Self, but I could never fault a kid for supporting his family. When Josh Selby and Xavier Henry left after a year, I didn't think they were ready and their performance in the NBA reflects that, but Ben, he might just be ready.

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Team, not times, matter for FSHS runner Sarah Schaffer

As the mother of a Free State Cross Country runner, I can tell you that what the other runners have gained from their friendships and interactions with Sarah cannot be measured. Her determination and hard work is amazing. She finishes every race with a smile. Sarah also participates in the Marching Band and is one of the most popular kids at school. Way to go Sarah! Fight on Firebirds.

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Officials identify driver in one-car accident just west of Lawrence

I'm pretty sure he was heading back to school after last lunch period. From what I hear, he is a nice kid, good student, good athlete, good family.

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One person critically injured in accident just west of Lawrence

A parents worst nightmare, my son told me about the accident this evening. Says the boy is a nice kid and a good student and athlete. Hoping he makes it through this okay.

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