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Kansas House panel passes judicial selection change

I still don't understand this "controversy". The proposed change is just the same as the federal judiciary process. Do liberals have problems with that process? I do not want lawyers choosing judges. They don't have any pressure to select the best qualified candidates so they go with the candidates that fit their ideological beliefs and force the governor of either party to go with the one that again, fits their ideological beliefs. At least with this process, there might be more pressure on lawmakers to really scrutinize the candidate and accept or reject based on that. I can see where lawmakers in this state would disagree with the governor of the same party. Look at the tax issue...they differ rather significantly.

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Three Lawrence men arrested on robbery and burglary charges

I'm sure Branson's office will come up with the excuse that the evidence in these cases is weak and they will recommend probation and the judge will accept it...

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Illinois woman receives one year of probation in case where children were bound and blindfolded in parking lot

I'd say having parents like these are more harmful to the child than any testifying would do to them. It's just a lame excuse that prosecutors can get away with. These people deserve more punishment than they got and the DA's office is apparently not concerned with safety in this town. They could send a message to anybody that crime of any kind is not going to be tolerated. They have been way too lenient with most of their cases lately and it makes me question the competency of the office that they have to plead so much. How is she not culpable...she knew what was happening and did nothing to end it. If she had attempted to end the situation then fine, give her this reduced sentence. But she let it happen. She should not be slapped on the wrist for this.

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Conviction affirmed of man sentenced for robbing Lawrence convenience store

Not that I disagree with this ruling...there really didn't seem to be any appealable issues for this case. But for me, it always came down to the question of the veracity of the eye witness. She was smiling when the gun was pointed at her, no one does that when there's an actual threat of the gun being used. Second and this was always something I thought about...the fact that she said she had seen the robber before because he had been in the store before but did not recognize Mr. Welch. Those things are inconsistent with each other. But what does Mr. Branson care? He got a conviction and it was upheld on appeal. I bet they're as giddy as the day he was sentenced!

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High court rejects part of Arizona immigration law

It wasn't ruled unconstitutional. Clearly you can't read a judicial opinion. Most of the law was preempted, meaning that federal law already covers what the state law had said (although one of the parts was clearly unconstitutional on its face but I'm not sure that that part was striken as unconstitutional, I'd have to read the whole opinion) The part that they upheld , which was by far the most controversial, wasn't preempted and wasn't ruled unconstitutional.

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High court rejects part of Arizona immigration law

Sorry, but I don't think you understand the ruling. Immigrants already have to present papers to illustrate that they're admissible to the United States under federal law. The state law made it a state penalty if the alien violated that section (re-written under state law). Therefore, the state law encroaches upon federal law and when that happens, the law of the state will be what federal laws and regulations are...which is that aliens must carry registration papers.

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Illinois mother in local abuse case says she was just as much a victim as the children

Although I would love to prosecute these people, it would be a headache dealing with them and their attorneys! This is going to be an ongoing circus. Lucky Mr. McCabria!

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Prosecutors charge Illinois parents after children were found bound, blindfolded

I don't disagree with bringing charges here. Cleary, that has to happen. And of course people have to be charged within a certain amount of time or they can be released. I understand and accept those principles. But geesh...this case sort of goes to show you that the charges and everything else were brought in a rush. No criminal history in the bond hearing??? No new information gathered? I mean, if these people had a little bit of money and family, they'd probably be able to get out. A rush to judgment about what charges to bring kind of plays into prosecutor's hands because they can charge anybody with anything until they get more information.

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Police arrest two Illinois parents after surrounding vehicle in parking lot of westside Walmart

What is going on in Lawrence these days???

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