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Mock funeral crowd mourns ‘death’ of Kansas

I don't understand why they would protest in Lawrence. Everybody will only look at you as the same ol' lawrence liberals. Actually drive to Topeka and do the funeral there. Have a better strategy and you might (I highly emphasize the word might) get something changed.

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KU, all regents schools seek tuition, fee increases

This is one of the reasons I refuse to give money to KU. I'm tired of my alma mater raising tuition year after year (as they did when I was in school) and just making ridiculous excuses for raising tuition (i.e. budget being cut and having education loans more accessible to students) and not being accountable. If and when the university decides to put students first and give them a quality public education at a reasonable cost, I will reconsider giving them money.

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KU freshman Ben McLemore declares for NBA Draft

So, it's OK for a 20 year old to take care of his family? I'm aware that it happens a lot but to sacrifice an education and lasting friendships at 20 years old because your family needs you to make money is an awful situation. I don't think anyone would disagree. Again, he made the right decision for his family, but what about for him? Maybe he wanted to stay but the burden of taking care of one's family is more important. Sad.

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KU freshman Ben McLemore declares for NBA Draft

If money was the motivating factor, then the picture above is incredibly sad. What if he doesn't want to leave his teammates and coaches behind but feels obligated to leave because of his family situation? A kid at 20 years old shouldn't feel the need to take care of his family if he truly wants to stay with his friends and continue to get better and grow. I'm not saying he made the wrong choice but the picture above seems to say that he made the choice because he felt like he needed to rather than wanted to.

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Statehouse Live: KU chancellor questioned by legislators about tuition increases, research

I was just simply stating that many people, in state or out of state, may have the perception that a degree from KU is not worth what it costs to go to KU. There may be areas in which KU excels like the J-School or the Engineering or Business schools but for the rest of its programs, they may feel that their money is better served somewhere else.

Do I personally think KU is worth depends.

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Statehouse Live: KU chancellor questioned by legislators about tuition increases, research

I'm glad KU is finally being questioned about their increases in tuition EVERY year...their reason as to why they need to increase tuition is bogus. Maybe the increase in tuition causes the decline in enrollment...I understand that KU wants to recruit the best so increasing enrollment isn't necessarily a big concern but if they want people to come, they have to price their education at what it's worth and I'm not sure if many people think that KU is worth the price if they could land the same job but at a different university and price...

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First to ‘worst’: Lowly TCU stuns Jayhawks

Where has Releford gone? I'm so confused as to why he doesn't shoot anymore. When he is shooting, he's most likely making shots yet we don't get it to him and he doesn't shoot it when he does have it. I think Releford is the key to this team along with Young and Withey.

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Senate approves changes in selection of judges

I'm sorry but you are ignorantly wrong about this. This is the EXACT system the forefathers put in place on the federal level. The President nominates someone and then the Senate confirms them. Just replace Governor with President and you have THE SAME EXACT SYSTEM....good grief.

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Kansas, nation struggle to score

Well, the men's and women's games are completely different to defend. I doubt that Griner would have the same amount of blocks if she were a man.

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Young athlete trades a life of crime for the opportunity to excel

I would agree. This is what people miss when they complain about college athletes and how they are not really student athletes. Sometimes, the only way that some athletes are even able to attend school is by a scholarship. It forces them to make the grades and it gives them an education they might not be able to afford. Would Sherron Collins have gotten a degree if he didn't play basketball? His odds were probably not very good had he not played.

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