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Lawrence to the 1st under congressional redistricting proposal

No - not at all - Brown represents very little of what Eudora stands for. He represents Brownback and no one else. Whatever his leader is for, then he follows right in step. Whether this ridiculous redistricting plan or making changes to the school financing plan (of which Eudora has benefited as much as any district with the current plan), he will never go against the machine. He was not voted into office by people in Eudora or Douglas county. The voters in his district (which is an unbelievable creation of gerrymandering) from JoCo keep his absurdness in office.

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Gov. Brownback's plan to post teachers’ rankings causes outcry; GOP senator describes plan as 'toxic'

How can we evaluate/rank/rate teachers, with 50% of that score of that score coming from the performance of the students on the standardized evaluation tests without first evaluating/ranking/rating all of the students parents/families. When youth are sent to school without the proper level of readiness, which needs to come from the family unit, however that family is structured, we all know what can happen. We require citizens to pass a test and become licensed prior to driving a car, but any idiot can go out and have a kid, whether they are ready to be a parent or not. This is so evident when teachers/schools have parent teacher conferences. The parents that really need to go see a teacher or multiple teachers about their student(s) usually are the ones that don't come. Everyone in the system, parents, teachers, administrators and tax payers are all responsible for the education of the young people in the state of Kansas.

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Brownback urges earlier start to Kansas State Fair

Not an unreasonable idea, but doesn't he have more important issues to be spending his time on?

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Regents to consider room and board rate increases, pay raises for some at KU

The rate is higher than the $605 you state. It would be $605 if this were for a year (12 months). School year is more like 9 months (plus a big winter break), so it works out to more like $806 per month.

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Retail options

In order to get a Denny's there would have to be a La Quinta Inn first. Anyone know what 'La Quinta' means. It's spanish for sit's behind Denny's.

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Godly nation

Our nation was founded on the principles of the need for religious freedom, not for the need to be a Christian nation. While those Europeans that came to our shores may have themselves been mainly Christian, they were fleeing from having specific religious views or practices forced on them by a government. To say we, as the United States, are a Christian nation is just not the truth. We are a nation, where you have the freedom to believe in what you believe and not believe in what you don't. Our religious melting pot is no different from our cultural melting pot.

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Three suspects arrested in connection with extensive vandalism at Eudora school stadium

You can't simply repaint over the damage. The Cardinal head at the center of the field is not painted onto the turf. It was custom made by the company that installed the field using specific colors of turf fibers that are stitched together. Officials have tried using chemicals to clean or remove the paint the caused to damage and it will not come off. So you can not simply cover it up.

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The police department's new patrol car insignia, front, replaces the former phoenix logo with a badg

PD's everywhere prefer the Crown Vics because they are still rear wheel drive. Makes for easier 'curb hopping' if it is necessary during pursuit. Front wheel drive cars tend to drag the transmissions transfer case in such situations, and lead to damage and repairs.

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U.S. beats Guadeloupe to advance in 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup

For all of the naysayers about soccer, the environment surrounding this game was amazing. The new stadium was full and over-flowing with fans from all over the midwest. The buzz and excitement that went throughout the crowd started during the Canada v. Panama match and continued until the final whistle of the USA v. Guadeloupe match. To have the stars of the USMNT such as Landon Donavan, Clint Dempsey, Tim Howard and the rest play a meaningful tournament game in Kansas City speaks well on the future of the sport in our area.

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Free State High School marching band to get new uniforms

Too many years have gone by where the arts have had to fund raise on their own, while the athletic teams have had equipment upgrades, uniforms replaced, etc. Kudos to the school board to fund the new uniforms. I too remember many, many moons ago having to fund raise annually for new uniforms, instruments, trips, etc; all the while the sports teams got whatever they wanted or needed.

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