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KU hoops schedule rated toughest

Isn't it just the beginning of football season - how is this news. Oh wait - we don't support KU Football here.

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Sound Off: KU football opponents

Proof of the new motto of the Big 12 - Every team goes to a Bowl Game, unless you are the University of Kansas.

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Former KDOT Secretary Miller says Brown was not involved in helping improve safety on K-10

No words that come out of Anthony Brown's mouth can be believed. He claims to be for education, but then votes against any funding of it. Claims he helped after this tragedy, but didn't. blah blah blah blah

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Sporting KC will retain Livestrong name on stadium

Personally, as a cancer survivor, I could care less whether he did or didn't use anything he shouldn't have. He understands what an evil thing that cancer is, haven't fought it himself. To Lance, I say thank you for helping to start Livestrong. To Livestrong, I say thank you for continuing to fight to rid of this evil known as cancer.

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Not so friendly

My comments are for the cycling activity I see in and around Eudora. For some reason Douglas County Roads 458 and 1061 are very popular for cycling, particularly on weekends. People show up in large groups and don't ride single file as the regulations require. Both of these county roads are very narrow and have little to no shoulders. I do not understand why both of these roads are so very popular. Also, when the groups get to Eudora, or to a stop sign at an intersection anywhere along 1061, they rarely stop. I fully understand the physics of bringing oneself to a complete stop and then having to expend energy to get started again, when under pedal power. But the physics of the situation do not matter. It is the law. Come to a stop.

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KU seeks tougher admissions criteria

Oh lord, we wouldn't want the end of the football and basketball programs - after all that's the only reason people choose to get an education from KU. Seriously.....if this is what you think then KU is doomed already.

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LHS students accused of trespassing in senior prank

I would suggest to those of you that don't approve of or like the disciplinary measures (as defined in policy documents), that it is time you run for school board. Policies as approved are not open for interpretation. You do 'X' and 'Y' is going to happen. I honestly believe that the lack of prosecution/discipline to those guilty of the first senior 'prank' at Eudora High School last year led to the tens of thousands of dollars of damage to the new stadium during another 'prank.' If these were adults, oh wait they probably are 18 as seniors and are adults, and they broke into a school, or another building, they would be prosecuted. What is the difference?

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Sound Off: Why doesn’t the Douglas County Fairgrounds recycle its cardboard boxes? There’s a trash b

Activities at the fairgrounds are filled with complications. While the land is all owned by the County and ultimately decisions regarding its use are made by the County Commissioners, there is also the fairboard that governs the County Fair. The employees of the Extension Office, while they do work on the fairgrounds, they don't control and aren't responsible for all of the activities and/or waste. It sounds like the Extension Office is attempting to do the right thing here and get the necessary pieces in play to expand their use of recycling.

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2012 Academic All-Stars are impressive, humble

Thank you Journal World for covering academic accomplishments of the areas young adults. These leaders in their schools will hopefully continue their outstanding results in the pursuit of their education and careers and then hopefully will return to our area to give back to those who helped them to where they are today.

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Should parents have to pay the difference in cost between half-day and full-day kindergarten?

I have two answers or responses. First, no - as the state legislature should provide the 'adequate funding' that the state's Constitution requires them to do. Many, many studies have proven that all-day kindergarten is worth the extra cost in given our children the proper start to their education. Second, yes - only if the state doesn't fund it. Unfortunately, this is the case today. Districts across the state have to make this very difficult decision every year. Note to Anthony Brown - Fund the schools.....your children use them too.

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