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In efficiency fight, school officials counter that cuts have already left deep wounds

Cut the salaries of the top 2002 personnel on that roster in half, hire 2x as many teachers...staffing shortage solved, budget not affected. Teachers are supposed to do it because they care so much anyway, right?

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Roberts fights for drug companies' free-speech rights

The "trend toward giving corporations the same rights as individuals" is not a trend. It's law, dating back to 1897, iirc. Maybe some lawyer or student with that knowledge at hand can confirm it.

RushIsRight made a good (if clumsy) point about free speech and wow 'scenebootser', an ad hominem is the best you can come up with? Good on ya for exercising your First Amendment rights though.

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Dodos flock to Darwin Day celebration

The headline is perfect! That kind of inadvertant, back handed insult only comes at the hands of highly evolved journalists!

"...a drug that became necessary only after bacteria evolved to develop a resistance to penicillin." The weaker bacteria being successfully killed off by the anti-biotics and being supplanted by the resistant strains as the dominant organism in it's environment...that's evolution in action.

Adaptation is not evolution. A 'professor emeritus' should know better.

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Group to push for Lawrence minimum wage

I wonder how many downtown boutiques will be conveniently excepted by this 'tax'? Geez, the large corporations who are the targets of this can well afford to close down and set up shop elsewhere, taking their jobs with them.

And as for you students, think ahead. Part of your educational plan should include attending school in an area where there is abundant part-time flexible employment. I commuted to KC to work while I went to KU. There are hardly enough part-time/summer jobs available for adults who need them to work around a child's school schedule or their own education to better their family than subsidizing your summer fun in Lawrence.

You know, for those in favor, there is nothing stopping you from slipping a fiver to every "slave" as smitty calls them wherever you find them. Show your solidarity that way.

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County murder caseload high but not historic

yeah, as long as they keep figuring Quantrill's Raid into the count, every year seems pretty good.

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Conflict in Middle East reverberates in Lawrence

I wonder how the Rabbi feels about the "Carnival Against Capitalism" flying the PLO flag downtown yesterday (on space generously lent to them by US Bank).

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Concealed gun law raises interest, worry

Haha...NOT eating at BBs or Mass Street Deli IS a form of self-defense.

It's funny how something so innocuous as the possibility of someone vetted by several law enforcement agencies carrying a firearm gets some of y'all shivering like a chihuahua, but the fact that felons and violent sex offenders stroll downtown doesn't merit comment (unless you encourage their panhandling).

I found this odd:
you can't carry...
ยข In any place where there's a public nuisance, such as illegal drugs

Isn't that kind of where you are MOST likely to need your piece?

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Runner reports seeing mountain lion along river levee

The answer to this even rhymes:

Carry a gun when you run!

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Do you think parents should be able to choose the sex of their baby?

It already exists! You can just abort and abort until you get the gender you want, kind of like re-starting the solitaire game on your computer until you get a good hand dealt to you.

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Wakarusa inspections infuriate the ACLU

Marion is absolutely right about the assumptions of LE regarding cash. Smells like profiling. So what if a bunch of hippies have a box of 10k? Five guys working all fall/winter/spring at Super Target or Jiffy Lube to bank that much for their summer festival fun. If they were drug dealers, where was their inventory? But the ACLU are also a bunch of left-wing abulance chasers. Interesting that only the ACLU seems to be infuriated.

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