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Lawmakers in favor of Medicaid removed from Kansas House health committee

Says a lot about the character of this "man." What a coward he is. A real leader is someone who can and will work with all people, regardless of beliefs, and work to find the best solution. A coward is someone who surrounds themselves with like minded thinkers and ignores the rest of the world.

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Kansas legislators get 8.5 percent raise in allowance

Unbelievable. These A-holes are so out of touch with reality.

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Brownback: Kansas has 'good shot' at meeting revenue targets

What world is he living in??? It's sure not the same one I'm in.

And when are the legislators going to have the balls to do what is right for the state of Kansas and to hell with Sam's threat of a veto?

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Some tax credits, exemptions may be on chopping block as state seeks revenue boost

d"Holland described the income tax cuts of 2012 and 2013 as "the 800-pound gorilla in the room." But Sen. Ty Masterson, R-Andover, who chairs the special committee, disputed the significance of that tax exemption.

"You've got all your low-income (individuals) that are exempt, you've got all kinds of credits and exemptions. It's only the media that makes that particular gorilla," he said."

What a complete A-HOLE!!

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Royals fans tear down goal post at KU's Memorial Stadium

Are they not playing Iowa St. this year?

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Kansas behind most states in not streaming Statehouse events

What they do in session is just formality. The real decisions are made at the ALEC vacations.

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Kansas behind most states in not streaming Statehouse events

The money excuse just flew out the window after they voted to pay up to $3M to find out how to be more efficient.

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Editorial: Veto threat

All these guys care about is being able to stay in office. They could care less about what is best for the State.

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GOP lawmakers say only Brownback preventing repeal of business tax exemption

Excuses are like a-****s, everyone has one. It's time to start electing representatives and senators AND governors who want to do what's best for the public and the State of Kansas. NOT what is best for extending their time in office. It's time to clean house!!

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Kobach defends Kansas voting laws at KU symposium

"Kobach said current Kansas law requires all ballots to be sealed after the final tallies are certified, a law he said protects the privacy of voters in very small precincts where one could look at such records and determine how an individual person voted."

In other words, one could look at such records a determine whose votes were changed.

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