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Republicans call for removal of former legislator from education panel

Why would anyone be removed from the committee? Isn't the whole purpose of putting together a committee to get people of differing opinions together to see if they can offer some alternatives to the way things are done now? Why wouldn't you want people who don't think alike?

Oh yeah, there's an election coming up. Now I got it.

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Do you think there is anything a university could do to reduce student drinking?

Get a DUI or MIP and you must sit out a semester.

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Davis vows to restore school funding, but won't say how

Good place to start would be to just undo what Sham has done giving corporations tax breaks.

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Is 8 a.m. too early to begin middle and high school classes?

Isn't school about getting kids ready for real life? Well, getting your butt out of bed and to work is part of the real world.

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Kansas teachers union to efficiency panel: 'Stop cutting'

Every penny a school "gets" and spends has to do with "getting it to the classroom." I'm so sick and tired of hearing the crap about get more money to the classroom. Every job in a school district is there to help give a child a quality education. What gives you or anyone else the right to pick and choose what jobs or people are relevant in providing an education.

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Kansas teachers union to efficiency panel: 'Stop cutting'

Here's a fact for you Dave. I've been on our local school board for 14 years. During that time our student enrollment has decreased by 13 percent. Also during that time period our certified staff has decreased 27 percent. If we get any more "efficient" we'll be closing the doors. But then, that's what you want isn't it?

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Fact-checking on Kansas economy reveals questionable claims

And Brownback absolutely refuses to talk about state balances after next year. There will be no balances. State finance will be underwater in a sea of red ink. Brownback’s radical tax policy will leave the state broke.

In the words of Paul Harvey: “And now you know the rest of the story.”

Flentje is a professor at Wichita State University.

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Fact-checking on Kansas economy reveals questionable claims

H. Edward Flentje
March 6, 2014

Last week Governor Sam Brownback was in Washington, D.C. boasting at a national political conference that when he took office the state was broke with just $876.05 in its bank account, but now through his leadership the state had $700 million in reserve.

As a result of the Great Recession Kansas state finance was indeed in dire condition the year before Brownback took office. Individual income taxes, the mainstay of state spending, had fallen by $487 million, or 17 percent, in the two prior years. Sales and use taxes had fallen by another $112 million in the same period. And the state’s balance sheet was indeed at zero, on June 30, 2010, six months before Brownback assumed office.

But Brownback had nothing to do with fixing this problem. He was comfortably in the U.S. Senate preparing to run for governor.

Governor Mark Parkinson and a bipartisan coalition of state legislators did step forward in the 2010 legislative session and address the issue by passing a three-year, 1-cent sales tax, grabbing money from the highway fund, and plugging federal “stimulus” funds into school finance.

The 2010 action taken by these courageous state lawmakers avoided a financial crisis and handed Brownback $1,149 million in added sales and use tax revenues for his first three budgets. A turn in the Kansas economy that began in 2010, again not of Brownback’s doing, added another $500 million in individual income tax receipts to state coffers in the same period.

In sum, that heroic coalition of 2010 plus an economic upturn gave Brownback his $700 million in state balances plus another $1 billion he has applied to state spending.

After all that, Brownback surely fell on his knees and profusely thanked those lawmakers. To the contrary he turned on them. He joined with his stalwart ally, the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, and targeted them for defeat. As a result thirteen incumbent House members in the bipartisan coalition were defeated in November of 2010.

Then, in 2012, Brownback took the unprecedented action of purging legislators of his own party. In alliance again with the Kansas Chamber and other special interest groups he campaigned against state senate leadership, and nine incumbent senators were defeated, all of whom were part of the 2010 coalition

Brownback may attempt to rewrite the recent history of state finance for his own purposes, but Kansans will not find him crowing about state budget balances going forward. His proposed budget of ill-advised tax cuts and election-year spending obliterates the $709 million in state reserves on the books as of last July. He recommends spending in excess of revenues totaling $462 million this year and next, leaving a balance of less than $250 million at the end of next year, over $200 million below that required by state statutes.

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Poll shows Davis surging, leads Brownback 51-41 percent

I'm waiting to see if Obama's name will be on the ballot in November instead of Davis's. Listening to the ads out so far you'd think it was Obama who was running for governor.

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Brownback: State school aid has increased since 2011

"Also, the fact that districts spent that much doesn't mean that they needed that much."

Oh my God, you are truly delusional. Have you even been in a school building in the past 20 years or so? Do you know how many supplies that teachers pay for themselves? Do you know how much in fees parents pay because there's not enough money coming to districts from the State? Do you know of the cuts that have been made in districts in the past 5-7 years? Do they do all this just because they want to sit on money in the bank?

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