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State GOP adopts resolution demanding withdrawal from Common Core, science standards

What the hell is wrong with these people? Do they have a clue of how much time and money has been invested in Common Core already? Do they even know what Common Core is? Have they read for themselves what it is or are they just going by rumors and word of mouth from people who don't even know what it is themselves? This is so stupid!

I used to be proud to tell people I'm from Kansas. Now? It's a complete embarrassment to admit that thanks to the clown we have who are driving this State into the ground.

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Report: State funding cuts to public schools in Kansas are fourth deepest in the nation

Hey Dave, why don't you get your puppeteers to fund and conduct the study you speak of? I'd love to read that report. The spin you'd have to put on it to fit your perception would be some entertaining reading.

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Kansas faces looming teacher shortage

del888, You don't need a Masters degree to teach anything in K-12.

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Brownback's office redacts names of Court of Appeals candidates from his schedule

This guy is the worst governor our state has seen in a long long time. And to think he was promising more transparency while he was campaigning, and he has done the complete opposite since taking office. Where are all the people who voted for him? How can you possibly defend this weasel?

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Brownback tells regents that cuts to higher education were part of trades at end of session

Accept responsibility? This governor??

That's a good one!

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State education board seeks $656 million funding increase

In 1980 we spent 3.5% of our income on public education. Right now we're spending 3.1% of our income on public education.

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New report: Kansas highway system No. 2 in nation

I'm just glad we can still read this free. Most papers are going to subscriptions for online papers as well.

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Democratic leader says Brownback improperly packing Kansas Board of Regents with too many Republicans

I wanna be governor so I can ignore every law on the books too.

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Democrats criticize Brownback over public stance for higher education while approving cuts

Actions speak louder than words Sammy. Doesn't matter what you went all over the state saying you hoped would happen, when you signed the budget with the cuts to higher education, your true colors showed.

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