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Two dead, three with serious injuries after accident on Kansas Highway 10 near Eudora

it was a head-on collision at high speed as shown by the photos. Probably a crossover.

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Programmers created early 'social network' on mainframe computer at Kansas University in 1970s

i remember the good old days of dialing into a network or directly to a unix machine to chat. we used to have console messaging enabled so people could accept a message written directly to their tty (write user blah) or have chat conversations with talk or the fancy ytalk program. as technology progressed we had more fun with it. when the t1 came along abusing users by pipng the output of yes to write had hilarious results for those dialed in at 2400 bps.

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Pickup driver sentenced for hitting bicyclist

In Vice City, KS, you can do whatever you like!

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Tiny bit of radiation from Japan's nuclear plant reaches Kansas; officials say residents' health not at risk

particle physics, alpha and beta decay, isotope stability

you cant explain that!

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Lawrence school board members vote to close Wakarusa Valley School

A society that doesn't care about its future closes schools.

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Lawrence DJs are answer to fun-filled trivia night

I am a big fan of Downtown Dell, he's been my trivia jockey for a while now.

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For battered Japan, a new threat: nuclear meltdown

and you would need hundreds of square miles of wind turbines and solar panels to match the output of one nuclear plant.

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For battered Japan, a new threat: nuclear meltdown

it wont. its a different type of reactor and the engineers are still mostly in control. there wont be anything like chernobyl from this.

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Eudora speeding ticket dismissed for jurisdiction violation

Maybe the clowns in Eudora should try reading the law. Any agreement to have municipal officers patrol highway outside city limits is invalid and unenforceable if said municipal officers have not been deputized by the sheriff.

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KU implements automatic enrollment policy for math requirements

im going to say what some here have intimated but couldnt come right out and say:

If you are afraid of Math 002, you dont deserve a university degree.

Seriously, if something like "2x / 3 = 7" makes your knees shake, youre lacking some major life skills.

Rover, let me guess, you got a business degree. I wouldnt laugh so hard, admitting to fraudulently obtaining a degree can get you in a wee bit of trouble. As someone who worked hard through Calc 2, and almost every subsequent math class through Numerical Analysis, I smile at the thought of you getting called out for your fraud.

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