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Fighting continues over anti-union bill

Does any know if Koch Industries allows a payroll deduction to their PAC? If the Unions are allowed to do it, why should ALL other PACs be allowed. Isn't it fair????

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Lawrence school board’s goals outlined for bond issue

For everyone blaming the 2005 bond issue on Dr. Doll, he wasn't here then... He was selected to succeed Randy Weseman in March 2009.

So Randy Weseman created this problem & should be held accountable.

What do the spend the capital money they get every year on outside of the bond issue? Maybe the person to go is the person in charge of facilities? He has been here for years.

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KU business school positions itself to maintain strong MBA program

KU has a unique view on their MBA program. I was told that if you want to attend classes in lawrence, you have to be a full time MBA student but if you want to go part time, you must go to the Edwards Campus.

I would like to get my MBA from KU but I live in Lawrence & work in Topeka so I would have to drive to Overland Park to get my MBA on a part time basis.

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City, school district considering lights for Free State High School's tennis courts

It is about time. Before the district decided to build the sports facilities at LHS - didn't those court have lights??? Yes they did... People who play tennis were only wanting to have want they had before the district choose to relocate the courts.

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Tennis lighting

Putting lights at Free State is a great idea... heck maybe they will add some more courts there too. We need to add more things to Free State and not worry about LHS. Heck, if any of their tennis players want to practice later at night, it is good for them to travel to Free State and practice instead of going to LHS.

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Threat to democracy

That would be great. Also, make all politicians have to use public money - Obama said we would do it, then back off...

Also, let's go one step further.... if the President is out campaigning for his/her re-election or someone else, why should the US taxpayer have to foot the bill, why can't the campaigns pay for the costs?

One more.... No elected official who currently holds an office should be allowed to campaign for a higher office unless their term is expiring after the current election. I am tired of Congressmen running for higher national offices and not VOTING.

There should only be two options on voting on a bill. YES or NO. I am tired of hearing about how many times Obama VOTED PRESENT instead of Yes or NO.

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No closings

Unless you change school boundaries. The school board hasn't made many changes to boundaries during the last 5 years but there are schools that are overcrowded. the problem is how much can you continue to move the boundaries eastward??

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Should teacher evaluations be made public?

Merrill the best way to stop the reduction in schools budgets is to pay more taxes. Start ponying up more. I know my state taxes have gone up over the last four years but when you make more you should expect that but how about you?????

Also, we should think about taxing lawn mowing businesses that use gas mowers and trimmers more because of the environmental impact of their business. Any reason why we shouldn't?

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Gov. Brownback’s approval rating falls; Kansas GOP disputes poll

Sure have him run. All he does in the KS Legislature is whine about the Republicans... Come one, go out and act like you are trying to work with the opposing party and then run for governor.

The only thing I ask, if anyone who holds an elected office wants to run for governor and their current term has not expired, then why don't they resign from their elected position and run for a higher office? If all politicians were not allowed to run for a higher office without resigning from their current office then things may be different.

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Pollution ignorance

what about pollution from lawnmowers? I think we should tax ALL lawn mowing businesses more because of the environmental impact.

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