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$42 million Lawrence police facility and staffing needs could require both sales and property tax increases

I'm in favor of cutting services...
No more parade permits requiring traffic control.
Put an end to all 5k/10k and any marathon requiring traffic control.
Any crime that is not in-progress, make the citizen go to the police station or fill out a report online.
Any traffic accident where the cars can be moved and there are no injuries, make them fill out a report at the PD or online.
Alarms- give them one free one a year and then stop responding until the next fiscal year.
Shoplifters - have the store employees swear out an affidavit in Municipal Court.

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$42 million Lawrence police facility and staffing needs could require both sales and property tax increases

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More details released about accident that killed Topeka man

Are you suggesting law enforcement should turn a blind eye because someone died in an automobile accident? Law enforcements role is to investigate accidents to determine their cause and if someone's negligence contributed to the accident. It not only holds people accountable for their actions but also gives families the closure they need of knowing what exactly happened that led to the death of their loved one.
I am hoping you maybe read the article wrong ....

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LifeStar responding to life-threatening injury at Home Depot

Pywacket....If you really want to know what calls the police are responding to and what action had been taken, listen to an online scanner or go to the PD's website that lists all of the calls within the last 48 is the link

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Police respond to burglary early Wednesday; man runs from police after traffic stop

I am sure you were not at the traffic stop and have no clue what happened. It is unreal how much these bloggers get off on twisting the facts.

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Police complaint case summaries provide scant detail

> Pace, where in my post did I ever say I had inside information or was communicating with an official??? I simply said from what I have read in the paper is that the PD has received complaints, investigated them, and disciplined the officers who did wrong...they are policing themselves much like any corporation would do.....and they have have made those complaints public.
Why do you see the need to know all of the information on a specific complaint? Maybe the complaintant does not want their "dirty laundry" aired in the public. If I knew my complaint would be printed for my family, friends, and general public to read, that would heavily factor in my decision to step forward and file one...just food for thought.

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Police complaint case summaries provide scant detail

It would appear to me that the police department is doing exactly what we expect it to do...police its own. Just because we don't get the "dirty laundry" on every complaint, it does not mean the Chief is not investigating all of the complaints to the fullest extent and disciplining those officers who have committed a violation.

I have not read one, not one, case where the department has acted inappropriately during an Internal Affairs investigation. If there is one (one of a factual basis), then I don't think Chief Khatib would be our police chief any longer.

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Wakarusa summer construction project to close portions of the road

I really wish someone would take a look at the intersection of Clinton Parkway and Wakarusa Drive, particularly in the northbound lanes. When you turn north off of Clinton Parkway onto Wakarusa Drive, it is like going over ten speed humps. Complete base failure on that section of the roadway.

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Report: $30M police facility needed

Why not look at the Riverfront Mall. It's a large facility, underground parking, easy citizen access, and already has the utilities. A mere knocking down some walls and reconfiguring space for half the costs .

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Hallmark to offer buyouts to long-term employees, including those in Lawrence plant

Revenues of $4.1 BILLION and they expect another difficult year!!! Corporate greed at its best.

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