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How to keep pets safe amid holiday festivities

It's pretty disgusting that you can kill a human being with very little consequence (Donte Stallworth) but if you kill an animal, people will raise hell. What Vick did was wrong, but he did his time and is doing all he can to try and make up for what he did. In the end, it's an animal. Unless you're a vegan, you probably enjoyed several dead animals today. Who are we to act like we're any better?

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Josh Selby nets nine-game suspension

Oh God forbid anyone offer some suggestions. I forgot we live in a world where everything's rainbows and unicorns and you can't correct anyone.

Guess what, I like my son, so does that mean if messes up I should keep my mouth shut and go find another son? I'm thinking not. I could probably just correct him so he gets it right next time.

But it the spirit of things: It's amazing the number of whiners and complainers about our newspaper comments who continue to read the comments and complain. They must see something they like.

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