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Green Party candidate Jill Stein to campaign in Lawrence

A writeup I just read on DailyKos - makes it out that Jill Stein's vision is a leftist dictator as compared to a right-wing dictator in Trump. I'll take Hillary - someone who actually has experience in governing - and if you believe she's evil, I suggest you actually look at her with your Fox News blinders removed.

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KU journalism professor condemned by administrators for tweet about NRA

Registry lists are outlawed by the government laws, and the recent efforts at putting more limitations on gun ownership restated the forbidding of any registry, so this is factually incorrect. The NRA has a large registry of gun owners but that's private so that's okay? You need to learn who your true enemies are. Oh, and read the 2nd Amendment again. Every word, not just the last half.

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Longtime pediatrician leaving Lawrence with legacy of service

My doc as well.

If anyone has her contact information, please let her know I know some St. Paul Unitarians that I'd love to connect her to.

Tim Orel

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Retired Lawrence biology teacher Stan Roth to be inducted into Kansas Teachers' Hall of Fame

I think my parents still have some of my collection from the trip to Florida my Junior year. So many memories from Oceanography and Advanced Biology. The hard work put in (my accelerated college biology course used the same text book), picking up roadkill all over town to put into the freezer for the intestine measuring lab, the asparagus experiment, his breaking a yardstick when he smacked a desk of a dozing student, the trips to Florida and Hawaii, the various animals, being proud to hear him defending science in the face of religion, my lab experiment caring for mice in the steam tunnels under LHS (more a lesson in how not to design an experiment).

This is a well deserved acknowledgment.

Tim Orel
LHS '81

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