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Town Talk: Lawrence Gymnastics buys second W. Lawrence location; Kansas ranks 45th in energy efficiency; effort under way to increase visibility of Leo Beuerman plaque

Didn't know Leo, but remember when I attended KU reading articles occasionally about him. It seems to me that we need to think a little bigger. If you really want to keep the memory of him alive, why not a lifesize sculpture to occupy part of the sidewalk he used to occupy? A plaquer seems so insignificant, ignorable. There's enough sculpture downtown already with no apparent tie to the locale, so why not commemorate a local individual who bravely faced each day with limitations many of us would falter under. Just a thought.

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Court hearing granted in "birther" challenge to Obama's place on the Kansas ballot

But she is not a licensed attorney in Kansas, right? So she cannot appear before the court as a legal representative of anyone, unless she is associated with a Kansas-licensed attorney. She can appear pro se, but then as a nnon-resident should have no standing.

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Kobach says Kansas has green light on illegal immigration crackdown

OK, so let's start by deporting Mitt Romney; his dad was from Mexico and Mitt is apparently sheltering his profits off-shore to avoid taxes. Works for me.

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Brownback gets heat for 'real live experiment' comment on tax cuts

And, of course, it will be claimed to be Obama's fault.

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Police arrest two Illinois parents after surrounding vehicle in parking lot of westside Walmart

Just how in blazes do you get from the story's subject to Obama? Oh, that's right - you're obsessed, and limited in focus. Never mind, carry on.

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Kan. lawmakers unable to find smaller tax cut plan

And what do you want to bet that LG40 is one of those who whines the loudest when an unsderstaffed agency office doesn't get his license or permit to him as quickly as he wants it.

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Brownback plans to sign more aggressive tax-cutting bill after Senate halts alternative

Try keeping some factual perspective. The 2003 growth that you reference followed the economic disaster after 9/11/2001. There was literally nowhere for the economy to go but up.

As for the 2008 housing debacle, I continue to be somewhat intrigued by the fact that every housing disaster has been attached to the Bush family. Try Googling "Neil Bush" and Silverado for the story of the housing crash of the 1980's.

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Legislative leaders to Brownback: Veto the tax cut

Hope you enjoy your higher property taxes and delays in getting permits, etc. since that is the natural outcome of the specific cuts he's makiing.

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Legislative leaders to Brownback: Veto the tax cut

As noted above:

Yes, cr@p does come out and well-to-do landowners who still pretend to be farmers collect the cash, some even named Brownback. This cash comes from the government, that is from you and me.

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Legislative leaders to Brownback: Veto the tax cut

Wrong sourpuss. I did not vote for him, but those that did vote for him heard things like improving education and creating jobs, not sharia law, tax breaks for the rich and all of the other tripe we have gotten.

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