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Sound Off: License stickers

No, they are too big! They are almost twice as big as in previous years.

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Letter: Another parade?

The St. Patrick's Day parade committee began after a conversation between friends was put into action. I think a 4th of July parade would be wonderful and there would be a ton of community support, Mr. Fisher. You get the ball rolling and I'll follow!

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Fearing resigns as Southwest Middle School assistant principal

Mr. Fearing was my history teacher at West in 1994! I couldn't possibly begin to say what an important role he played in my life. He is an amazing role model, advocate and educator. The Lawrence School District and Lawrence youth will surely miss him. I wish him the very best and I thank him for his service to the community. - Nichole Weatherwax-Feurt

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Some restaurants charging for tables during tournament

Buffalo Wild Wings lost my business years ago as well. They have horrible food, and even worse customer service. It was 9:00am St. Patrick's Day morning. My grandfathers band was playing there for the St. Pat's committee breakfast which was to last from 8-9. Most of the band members are in their late 80's. While packing up to leave, the staff was extremely rude to them and made comments about how they were expected to be out by 9am. I had just arrived to assist them and was stopped at the door and told that "the breakfast was over". I could understand if the band was loitering or causing a loss in business or even if the restaurant was closing but that was just not the case. I will never go back!

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Letter: Tougher law

Well that would be a result of our crap medical system not the result of whether someone wore their seat belt :)

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Letter: Tougher law

Why would you assume that because someone doesn't wear a seat belt that you would be paying their medical bill? Most medical bills following an accident are payed by medical or car insurance. Insurance that is normally purchased by the car owner or the patient. Even without insurance most people are responsible for their own bills. Not wearing a seat belt is a personal choice, similar to smoking, drinking, eating fast food etc. It may not be smart or safe but it's not a crime.

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Usual cast of unusual characters highlight St. Patrick's Day Parade

Shaun, where is the picture you took of the Feurt family? We'd love to see it!

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After 38 years, Douglas County's most senior fire captain retires

Enjoy your retirement! You have always been a wonderful public servant, going way above and beyond what is expected. On several occasions you have taken the time to show my kids the fire truck and chat with them. People like you are hard to find and you will be missed!

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Former police sergeant's federal lawsuit against city alleges racial discrimination, wrongful termination

I did read what you wrote. Did you read what I wrote? It may be common practice but it shouldn't be. That is no excuse and that doesn't mean he didn't make a mistake. Mike may have been treated unfairly, however, I do not believe it was because he was black. It was more likely because there was public pressure to discipline those involved. Obviously we disagree and we could go rounds all day. I know from experience how it feels to be fired for "a common practice". I know what it's like when all your superiors have done the same thing and even promoted it. It took years for me to look back and realize that I should have and did known better. I do wish Mike the best and again I hope you can all find peace.

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Former police sergeant's federal lawsuit against city alleges racial discrimination, wrongful termination

I’m going to assume that you are Mike’s attorney sister due the fact that you seem quite emotional about this. Since you made a point to respond to almost every comment, I will try to reply to the ones that pertain to me.
So you’re an attorney, good for you! I don’t need a law degree or laws to teach me what is wrong and right. The argument that “everyone does it” is weak at best and does not mean that is right. I am not surprised that ticket fixing was just recently addressed in company policy. I am surprised that it needs to be addressed at all. As I stated before laws, traffic included, are put into place to keep the public safe. Once the ticket is issued it should be up to judge to dismiss not some cop doing a “favor for a friend”. The same goes for any other crime committed. Mike’s job was to keep the public safe, by fixing tickets he failed to do that job. He let someone commit a crime without consequence. I don’t care whether it was against policy or against the law, I do care that it is unethical. Those charged with the duty of protecting the public must be held to extremely high moral standards.
My comment about Matt filing a case for discrimination was a sarcastic poke at the “utterly ridiculous” fact that Mike has. He was on the force 20 years without any complaint of racial discrimination. Now all of the sudden he claims lost his job because he is black.
I have many friends, including several cops. I would never ask them to fix a ticket for me and I would never expect them to. If I make a mistake, I know that must pay for it.
I noticed that in one of your comments you wrote “Mike is one of the most honest, kind, and ethical people you will EVER meet, should you be so blessed to do so.” For the record, I have met Mike, his wife, and his children. I have known several of his family members for years. I would agree that he is a nice guy and it is a shame that he being made an example of, however, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t make a mistake that he now must pay for. Hopefully, now that the City has made it clear that ticket fixing will not be tolerated it will happen no more.
I hope that Mike can find peace with the situation and that he and his family can move on.

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