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City commissioner to host meeting Thursday on improving storm shelter availability

Most schools do not have guards or even trained personnel. Even if they did, what good would that be if those people are able to be armed to protect?

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Letter: Food stamps vital

Not true......I watch the same woman buy a package of donuts and a Monster energy drink every morning at the gas station. In addition, I worked as a cashier through college and was shocked at what people can buy with food stamps!

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Letter: Gun fears unfounded

Yes, examples can be found if you google conceal and carry stops crime.

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Letter: Gun fears unfounded

I beg to differ. Are you telling me that the principal of Sandy Hook, that ran towards the gun man, would not have been able to stop him had she been armed and educated on gun defense? I would also imagine that if a movie patron had been armed they could have taken James Holmes down as he went from aisle to aisle gunning people down in Aurora. I won't pretend that armed citizens can stop gunmen in all circumstances but they can at least protect themselves and possibly others. Those who are not armed can not protect anyone EVER!

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Day 2: From the Emerald Triangle to the Sunflower State

Not the same age, not even close. McAtee was a detective before these boys even hit high school.

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Weekday graduations get mixed reviews from parents and families

or even on Friday the 17th.....

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Weekday graduations get mixed reviews from parents and families

When I graduated High School in 1999 I had over 15 relatives travel from other states, some as far as California. I am sure I was not the exception. In addition, taking off a Friday or Monday to travel is mush easier than taking off three-four days mid week.

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Two men arrested in connection with Sunday morning shooting

Most bars close at 2:00 because it is illegal to serve alcohol after that, however a few stay open later under the pretense that they stop serving at 2:00.

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Sound Off: License stickers

No, they are too big! They are almost twice as big as in previous years.

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Letter: Another parade?

The St. Patrick's Day parade committee began after a conversation between friends was put into action. I think a 4th of July parade would be wonderful and there would be a ton of community support, Mr. Fisher. You get the ball rolling and I'll follow!

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