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Excellent customer service! I called after my washer went out and Cody came by the very next day. Within minutes he identified the problem and took the time to explain what repairs would be needed. Unfortunately, the repair was going to be quite expensive so Cody recommend replacing it instead. In the end, he didn't even charge for coming out! That's what I call service! It's nice to do business with a honest, local and customer driven business.

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I posted the following review recently.
"Horrible experience! We ordered online and were given a 30-50 minute wait time. After waiting two hours and calling three times our food finally arrived cold. In addition, the portions were extremely small and the flavor was mediocre at best. Never again!"
I was surprised to receive a call from the owner the very next day apologizing for the experience and offering a free meal. While our overall experience was still poor I admire her attempt to fix it. It is not often that a business goes out of their way to achieve customer satisfaction. This simple step has increased my original one star rating to a five star rating.

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Do you think it’s important for the Legislature to have a special session to review the “Hard 50” law?

"Fifty years is too long to spend in jail for any reason.”

Really? Any reason? I think 50 years is hardly long enough for several reasons...raping, murdering, or torturing children just to name a few.

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Lawrence trash schedule not affected by July Fourth holiday

The employees that work Thursday will be off Friday and visa versa. Most would prefer Friday anyway. It's nice to see that some people care more about others than they do about convenience though :)

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Lawrence trash schedule not affected by July Fourth holiday

The employees that work Thursday will have Friday off and visa versa. Most of them prefer Friday over Thursday anyway. It's nice to see that some people care more about others than they do about their own needs though :)

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North Lawrence residents, disappointed with local response to theft problem, to seek answers from legislators

Not true! They've been hitting the West side for months now and nothing has been done. After my car was broken into I was told they had a suspect on video. That was over a month ago and still no arrests!

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By far the best Chinese food I have ever had in Lawrence! It's always fresh, hot and delicious. Their garlic pork, house special soup and crab ran-goons are amazing. I wish they would start delivering and open a full service restaurant!

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Letter: Jayhawk update

The use of one Jayhawk is called branding. It's a marketing move that any smart business or organization will use to make them recognizable in an instant. In the past, this form of marketing was not necessary or even know about. Suggesting that the University change their mascot "regularly", like in the past, or that they use a different mascot specific to sports would be similar to suggesting that we change our school colors regularly or use different variations of colors for sports. KU should definitely stick to crimson and blue as well as the current Jayhawk for all purposes!

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Police investigate string of almost 20 auto burglaries in west Lawrence

My car, along with about 20 others, was broken into a week and a half prior to this. At that time, according to LPD, there had been several others in West Lawrence as well. Same situation, they stole stuff out of my center console, dumped what they didn't want near by and entered through an unlocked door...and no I'm not stupid, my husband locked my doors too quickly following a trip and my six year old hadn't yet opened her door...she unlocked her door to climb out and he forgot to re-lock. Accidents happen, stop blaming the victims. Anyway, I find it interesting that LPD supposedly had very strong evidence against a suspect at the time, yet no arrests have been made and the break -ins continue........

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