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Kansas to keep working on rules for abortion clinics

I don't understand why abortion is such an issue. Brownback needs to get his head out of the gutter and realize that people DON'T HAVE JOBS! There are other more important issues that he needs to address besides the abortion one. I'm mad at myself for not voting becaue I definitely wouldn't have supported this clown. There are people who are becoming homeless overnight because they do not have the money to even keep their homes. He needs to focus on giving legislation to help the economy is this state instead of focusing all his attention on the abortion clinics. Let's get some jobs and then we can talk about the abortion issue if it is even an issue in first damn place.

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Lawrence High School names new assistant principal

Avery is a clown and needs to be fired. There are so many parents that have complained about him I'm surprised he has lasted this long. He targets certain kids and literally makes it a point to keep them in trouble. A mother told me that Avery suspended her son and didn't allow him to call her and when she called to speak with Avery about the situation he wouldn't return her phone calls. I'm glad that they finally hired someone new and I'm looking forward to the many improvements the schools have made for this upcoming fall.

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