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About 100 people rally against policies of Brownback and legislative majority

I agree with Paul Davis.. let's get all those idiots out of office next year.

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U.S. Attorney General Holder tells Brownback new gun law is unconstitutional

Well.. does this surprise me? Not in the slightest. Our so called "governor" and most of the legislature are a bunch of clown idiots. I personally think it's Brownback's personal mission to make national headlines daily. Clown! We should all take this opportunity and STRESS why it is so important for people to exercise their right to vote so that clowns like Brownback don't end up in office!

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Kansas to resubmit Medicaid waiver request to feds

Gov Brownback is such a clown.

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Retired coach Garvin relishing ‘great life’

Coach Garvin was my P.E. teacher at South JHS when I was there. He was always there motivating us and always keeping us moving. The world needs more teachers like him because he was great! I wish him and his family many blessings.

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Brownback voices disapproval of Obama rule on contraceptives

Brownback strikes again. . . when it is going to be time to elect for someone new because he's obviously a clown. All Obama wants to do is make sure that contraceptives are available to women. HELLO BROWNBACK.. if you should ever be greatful now would be the time. Brownback is so headstrong anti-abortion that he fails to realize that by more women being able to have access to free contraceptives that the number of women getting abortions would go down significantly. But, again let's focus on contraceptives and abortions Brownback MEANWHILE people are still trying to find jobs, the education budget is up and down, and the number of people losing their houses day in and out don't seem to be as important as abortion and women health care. Don't get me wrong I'm a woman and healthcare to me is as important to me as it is the next guy but STILL!

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Speaker O'Neal apologizes for forwarding email that calls Michelle Obama "Mrs. YoMama"

so.. the sad part about this is that this clown is in our state legislature. If anybody's days need to be few and brief it should be this clown. I agree that this comment was rude and disrespectful and far from a "political cartoon". Word to the wise: re-read the content of your emails and who you are sending them to before you push the "send" button.

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Speaking in Osawatomie, Obama sees 'make or break' time for middle class

All the Obama haters need to quit running their mouths about things that they do not know about. While you all steady talking bout what he hasn't done you need to realize what he's done and tried to do. He doesn't want to take away from the rich he wants the rich to contribute. When I work I pay taxes. Period. Obama wants to help the middle class not just bail us out for the time being. As much as people want to complain about what is not being done realize that the reason things aren't getting done is because of Congress not because of Obama. Politics 101 people: any type of legislation the President wants to pass has to be approved by Congress FIRST. You want change I suggest electing new Senators and Reps because they hold the real power in this country. Bush was in office for 8 long years. How he got re-elected I do not know but for every year he was in office this country sunk deeper and deeper into the hole it's in now. You expect Obama to fix it in 3 years? Give me a break. Obama gave a great speech and he deserves some credit for even stepping into the hole with a shovel trying to dig us out of this mess. Even if the man didn't succeed in 100% of the way he doesn't deserve to be bashed, bad mouthed, or even straight disrespected.

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Judge blocks Kan. law defunding Planned Parenthood

I'm glad that the judge ruled in favor of Planned Parenthood. This isn't just about abortion but women's healthcare in general. If you don't agree with abortion then you should at least agree with the use of contraceptives, preventative healthcare and the screening for STD's are for the good of society.

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Work on Sixth Street to cause major traffic problems; city warns motorists to avoid downtown Kansas River bridges

I'm ready for all this road work to be done. They fail to realize that people live across the bridge and we have to go to and from work and other places. Then to top it off they said that this will last for several days. Now don't get me wrong I'm all for the city improving the roads but can't we make this process happen a little faster?

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Statehouse Live: Brownback defends closure of Lawrence SRS office; local lawmaker says decision wasn't data driven

Brownback is a clown and he is ass backwards. He's not interested in helping the poor or middle class succeed. He doesn't care about the welfare of the people he's more interested in making headlines and passing bogus legislation.

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