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Handball keeps local group moving

One of the guys in this article is my dad, and I will just tell you that of all the social activities he does in his life, this is one of the most important blocks of time in his datebook.

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What's next for KU football: Coaching candidates

kujayhawk...why not? coaches are like homeowners, some like buying move-in homes and some like fixer-upers. If he want's to get into the major conference, this would be his chance to build a program from the bottom and build his major conference reputation in the process. With today's news of OSU hiring Meyer, I think it's pretty clear that he's not on the radar of a Michigan, LSU, Florida, etc type of programs.

soap... "nothing" may have been an overstatement but still, Hawkins won lots of WAC games but never posted a .922 career win pct, or had a couple of undefeated seasons, or had Boise better than #10 in the country, or had people putting the words "national championship" and "Boise State football" in the same sentence. Actually his only win over a major conference opponent came in '02 vs. Iowa State in the Humanitarian Bowl.

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What's next for KU football: Coaching candidates

Maybe I'm missing something but can someone tell me why Chris Peterson isn't the obvious choice? incredible success story, knows what it takes to take a program of nothing and compete for a shot at the national title, and has proven he can compete with the Big Boys of the Big XII (anyone remember the Oklahoma/Boise St.bowl game they won a few years back?). Unlike USF's Leavitt, Peterson has been producing this caliber of product for years and years now. Plus, he won't cost us as much as some of the others on this list. Big question is, would he want to leave?

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Paul Pierce to headline Legends of the Phog all-star game

what about pollard?

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KU men's basketball prepares for life after tournament

can i go back to the vcu game for a second? I'm not a coach, never played competitive basketball before so not trying to be something I'm not but I have watched KU for 36 years...

is there a reason we didn't at least try a zone defense?

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Hoiberg headed to Iowa State

check your caption ljw...

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Collins, Aldrich still key for Kansas

click on the channel 6 video highlights of the game. It sounds like there's a guy in the editing booth talking about his wife having a baby while they are running the video? nice operation Dolph...

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Minnesota AD 'can't guarantee' Brewster-to-Kansas rumors are false

i live in MN (but fly a hawk flag outside my house) and went to two gopher games this year. i'm not saying it's easy but this guy might be the worst game coach i've seen in 40 years of watching football. he has not won a single key MN game (WI, IA, Mich, etc) and would have lost this year to SOUTH DAKOTA STATE (he has a problem with d2 schools that way...) this year had it not been for a couple of late fluke turnovers. I'm not sure but i believe his offense (his supposed strength) only mustered one offensive touchdown in that game. Most folks in MN, including the AD thought he should go this year but are hamstrung by the fact that he's gone to bowls. U want another Glen Mason (another KU-MN connection) hire this guy. u want to compete against OK, TX, etc.....not so much.

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Calif. prep Turner to visit Late Night

lots of promise but as it is, the face up crossover will get eaten alive in the big twelve. hands are just too quick at texas, oklahoma, et al.

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KU's Thornton to miss Insight Bowl

why is the player the one quoted? shouldnt this be something the coaches address?

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