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Lawrence senator again achieves perfect attendance

Its too bad. I wished she missed more votes.

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Understanding what money is

Troll patrol says...

"Readers need to be aware that these "gold bug" views are not part of any standard economics theories (whether Keynesian, monetarist, new classical, or whatever), and it was bad journalism to leave a contrary impression."

And where has standard Keynesian policies gotten us...INTO THIS MESS!

People are tired of it. Its time to wake up. Standard economic theories have failed us! Call people gold bugs or whatever...but they are right. I was not a believer at first, but Keynesian policies have failed us.

Folks, if you listen to troll will be broke!

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Understanding what money is

In times of loss of confidence in monetary must own hard assets. Land (that can produce something), gold, silver, oil etc...are ways to protect yourself. One local company, is helping people protect their purchasing power.

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Tom Holland makes it official, announces candidacy for Kansas governor

No, I wish a qualified independent would run for the governorship. From what I can tell, Brownback is in bed with the Republican establishment.

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Tom Holland makes it official, announces candidacy for Kansas governor

Folks: Listen!!! This Holland guy is a phony. He cannot be trusted. He has not done anything. He is a good campaigner...Says one thing and does another once in office. He is a Pelosi liberal that tries to come off as a moderate. The media helps him in that. Don't be fooled Kansans. Holland doesn't have the qualifications to lead our state!

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State Sen. Tom Holland, who represents part of Lawrence, to announce candidacy for governor

Holland is doing this to get some name recognition. The guy has done nothing of substance in his SHORT tenure in the senate and the house. His resume is weak, but so is our community organizer President. Brownback will eat Holland up.

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Peoples Bank ordered by federal regulators to improve financial condition

Google FDIC? They will soon be broke. They will be borrowing newly printed money from the Treasury. Know your facts folks. Peoples and some other banks in town are likely in trouble. If real estate doesn't pick-up, banks will be closing. The biggest banks in the world are technically insolvent. This crisis ain't over. Own hard assets. Gold, silver and other natural resources. Check out New, local company that can protect your assets.

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Mentors keep young blacks on track

Nice article. How about some young men who are making a difference. Dan Coke, Jesse Brinson and Wayne Simien. These guys are really making an impact.

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Democratic state Sen. Tom Holland of Baldwin City may run for governor

Is this a joke? Holland would not make a good candidate. He would be using this to get his name out there across the state. He has no qualifications to be governor. Another Obama qualifications-wise.

We need someone who will lead amid this crisis. Someone who will fight for our liberty.

And I'm not sure Brownback is the answer.

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Obama taps Sebelius for HHS secretary

Great news for Kansas! Bad news for the country. Kathleen is a great politician...KEY WORD - politician.

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