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Dole gives $500K to namesake institute

Seriously, I try not to get too into making fun of folks because of their looks, but Bob looks really odd in that photo.

cool, here's a well-reasoned, level-headed response to the videos you posted:

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Governor: Joke about Kansas wine went sour

It's not true that Kansas wines suck. Wines produced here are unlike Californian or most imported wines, but a lot of them are good in their own right. Smoky Hill and Holy-Field put together really decent wines. You simply can't expect grapes -- even of the same cultivar -- grown in such different climates to make a similar product.

As for the comment re: Sebelius trying to kill business in Kansas, well, that's just idiotic. Kansas's job growth was the third best in the nation last fiscal year:

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Holiday feast can please vegetarians, meat-eaters alike

"They'ss eat what i cook"

Sorry, meth doesn't sound very tasty to me.

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Funny outfit

Aw, man. I've got to work Wednesday night.

To all those able to go to this -- GO. Second City is really, really funny, and yelling out improv suggestions (which is encouraged) only makes better.

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What is the best Halloween costume you've ever seen?

Loni Anderson's head.

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"Accordian With Necktie," by Jeremiah Hershberger.

Fantastic work, Jeremiah!

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Kansas Public Radio showcases listener artwork

Wow, some of the pieces in the gallery are terrific. I especially like "Accordian With Necktie."

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'Pierogi empire'

For the record, many many Kansans do know what cabbage-filled pierogies are called: Bierocks.

Regardless, I think these guys have a great idea and wish them luck.

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Should the city expand the public library downtown, or should it build a satellite branch in another part of Lawrence?

In fact, redwaggoner, the library does have an immense amount of information that is not available via Google or other search engines. They're research databases the library subscribes to, and they're phenomenally useful. I recommend that you check out the library's website for the full list (

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Mural honors black artists' achievements

This is great news. Dave Loewenstein's murals kick serious butt.

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