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Salsa in the city: Restaurant owners will share variety of recipes using locally grown ingredients

Yup, I'm there.La Parrilla's smoked habanero salsa is the best in town (to my tastes, at least). Can't wait to taste the others, though.

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Do you ever donate blood?

dave_from_cbc-Have you had any discussions about reinstating weekend hours for the Lawrence location? I donate pretty frequently, but I've got a Wednesday morning free during which to do it. Some folks who may otherwise donate probably don't have time during regular business hours on weekdays. How about some Saturday hours?

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Getting Kinky: Songwriter, novelist and political candidate Friedman not one to blow smoke

TOB: I disagree. He really is disregarding the negative health effects of smoking. See this quote: "If you ask these bureaucratic, officious little boogers that are behind all this why they're doing this, they'll tell you it is your health." Thing is, it is absolutely about public health and the harm proven to be caused by secondhand smoke, but Kinky Friedman just chooses to disregard absolute tons of research and instead -- to continue selling his good ol' boy schtick, I imagine -- make it about "political correctness". You know you can still smoke at Free State and pretty much every other bar in town that has a porch or outdoor seating area, right? In that regard, your freedom of choice is not really limited.

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Getting Kinky: Songwriter, novelist and political candidate Friedman not one to blow smoke

"political correctness - like smoking bans"Yeah, except that it's not political correctness at all. It's a widely publicly supported response to mountains of research that proves that secondhand smoke causes cancer. See: and Kinky Friedman's entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.

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Lied Center reveals next season

This is a fantastic lineup. Kudos to the Lied Center leadership and staff.

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Ideas on saving money

average, I couldn't believe your cable bill tally at first, but I just checked Sunflower. You're actually underselling it -- Sunflower cable costs $1300/year if you get the Gold package. (I haven't had cable since 1999, though, so I guess I shouldn't be shocked that it's so much now.)

And yeah, CF bulbs are cheap, efficient and last way longer than incandescent bulbs.

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Ideas on saving money

"You won't find a movie worth watching at the library."

Not true. There are thousands of movies at LPL. Just searching for the terms "science fiction" (hey, it's what I like) and the location "Media Room - Feature Films" yields 396 hits. "I am Legend", 2001: a Space Odyssey", "The host", "The core", "Children of men", etc. If you truly believe what you said in your comment, Marcus, it's because you're simply too lazy to look.

As for the article, it has some good points. Carpooling is a great way to save money and build social connections; the library is, of course, superb; and buying perfectly functional used stuff is just smart. I'm not certain increasing deductibles on your insurance is not the best idea, but whatever. Also, the whole "become a viral marketer for us in exchange for a tiny sample of our crappy product that we can't get people to buy through normal advertising channels" thing is creepy. Oh, and why did the article push "free kids" dining instead of, you know, cooking at home? Home cooking is far and away cheaper than eating out.

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Amtrak probes area route extensions

This would be great, especially if it the train going east from Lawrence were to make it to KC in time to catch the KC Mule to St. Louis.

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Maple market

This is really great. I've been meaning to do this this spring, but instead of boiling down the sap, using it as a base for a batch of mead. This article just pushed me over the edge -- I'm ordering spiles today.

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Fare catch

This place sounds pretty good. I'll have to make a trip over there sometime.

But what's with that first photo? Those look like chicken wings, not fish. Anyone know what they are?

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