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Man's wallet stolen as he was on way home from downtown

You guys can be real morons sometimes. Why is that a victim is ALWAYS under suspiscion? I was attacked on Labor Day at Midnight in 2004. I didn't call the cops because all I could tell them was that the person was black. How did I know that? He had black hands and a black nose. He had a hoodie on and the hood was pulled very tight around his face. If it hadn't been for the street light, I wouldn't even know that. I also think it was a guy, because when he grabbed me and spun me around, I racked him. He went down and I started screaming. He hobbled off while I went in my home and locked the doors.

My mom called the police the next day because of the bruises I had on my arms. I felt like an idiot telling the police about his nose and hands. But, that was all I could see.

This all happened in less than probably 10 seconds. Now, can one of you oh-so-uberintelligent people tell me how it's my fault that I couldn't give a better description?

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Attorney General identifies body found near Great Bend as missing teenager

Are you suggesting that the family wasn't notified first?

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Preschoolers take dip into academic pool

"The school at 1605 Davis Road, which is across Harper Street from the Douglas County 4-H Fairgrounds, is welcoming such youngsters for the first time."

So, then I guess the Headstart class that was there for many, many years doesn't count??

But, since the Headstart class was so easily tossed aside when the changes occurred, I guess the key word would be "welcoming".

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WOW Run to benefit Habitat for Humanity's Women Build program

I tried the email addr listed, but it doesn't work. Can anyone help??? Thanks!

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Survivor recounts details of Cat Tracker fatality as civil case opens in Lawrence

I grew up with John and his older sister and was devastated when this tragedy occurred. He was a wonderful guy and his family are some of the greatest people you could ever hope to meet. I continue to pray for the Greens and I hope that they are someday able to find peace.

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The Abuse Puzzle: Despite reforms, the full scope of clergy sex crimes in Kansas is still unknown

I would guess it's a human interest story.

The Catholic Church will never reveal the full truth about the abuse. It's very sad.

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Find Luke

I also posted this on my page. I will be praying for your family and for Lucas.

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Lawrence man taken to hospital after being stabbed

"Police searched the area and pulled over multiple vehicles fitting the description but did not locate the man."

That is funny, I'm sorry. I've lived Lawrence for 5 1/2 years and I can honestly say that I've never once seen a fat man in a camo hat driving a Purple SUV. I truly believe that I would remember that!

They really pulled over "Multiple vehicles fitting that description"? Ha!!!

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Who gets more gifts, mom on Mother's Day or dad on Father's Day?

Uh...No. However, I did carry his 3 children. I take care of them and him. His mom isn't my mother, but I still get her a gift.

I wasn't saying I expect a gift. I could care less, actually. Respect would be nice, tho. Maybe even a thank you occasionally.

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