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Property tax lid causing harm, Kansas cities and counties tell lawmakers

The mill levy increased in Lawrence by 4.4% from 2016 to 2017. The mill levy increases in Eudora, Baldwin, or Lecompton weren't over 2% between 2016 and 2017. This un-named Douglas County property owner cited by Sen. Tyson no doubt had an increase in property value in order to have a 10% increase in taxes.

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A sweet shop closes in downtown Lawrence, and the owner says the reasons why leave a bad taste

I totally agree with the above 2 comments. I chose to live within walking distance of downtown. I'm just happy that the farmer's market, library, post office, and church are still there. Without them, I'd probably not go downtown much and be forced to drive somewhere instead.

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Kobach dismisses voter fraud charge against Olathe woman

So who's paying this lady's legal defense fees?

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State attorney general: Kansas needs to vote on Supreme Court selection process

Ummm, the people voted on it in 1957 and 1972 and 60% of those that voted chose the current system. Remember the "triple play."

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Report: Kansas residents buy groceries out of state due to food tax

My father always said that you had to take numbers found in the newspaper with a grain of salt. Consider this quote:

"Nebraska doesn't have a grocery tax, he said. 'It doesn't cost us anything extra to go out of state,' Adams said of driving the 80 to 100 miles.

Of the state's 105 counties, 35 counties share at least one border with a neighboring state that has either no or lower food sales tax than Kansas, the study noted. Colorado exempts grocery store food sales from taxes, Missouri has a 1.2 percent tax on food sales and Oklahoma has a 4.5 percent tax."

So according to Mr. Adams and WSU study, apparently every state (MO, OK, CO, and NE) has either no or lower food sales tax than Kansas. By my count, there are 40 counties that are on the border. So shouldn't it read that 40 counties share at least one border with a neighboring state that has either no or lower food sales tax than Kansas, which would be all the neighboring states?

Then there's this quote:

"But food sale losses on a per-capita basis hit less populated border counties the hardest — especially Greeley, Pottawatomi and Comanche counties, where grocery stores are already struggling to survive amid dwindling populations."

Where or what is Pottawatomi County? If the writer is referring to Pottawatomie County, it's not a border county.

Where are the editors?????

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Letter: Roundabouts

I agree with Mr. Heckler. Would you rather have a 4-way stop sign? Talk about ghastly!

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Letter: Plan makes no sense

"We need all the traffic lanes we can get."............and they paved over paradise and put up a parking lot

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