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Kansas hasn't processed thousands of income tax returns

I'm still waiting on my tax payment check to be cashed. While it won't put the state in the black it'll make a dent in it.

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Lawrence writing guidelines on when brick streets should stay or go

I wonder what the long-term maintenance cost differential is between brick and asphalt (or concrete for that matter). It seems that the brick street stands up longer than the asphalt one that starts crumbling in a few years.

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What is the farthest you've traveled for a wedding?

Actually it was to my own wedding that was in Winnipeg (couldn't get married in much of the US at the time) between Christmas and New Years....brrrrrrrr. Winnipeg in winter is rather pretty--if you like snow everywhere.

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Have you ever gone hunting for morel mushrooms?

I just go out to my front yard and pick some chantarelles.

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What's your favorite fruit?

A chin-dribblin' peach.

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Police looking for suspect in Florida hit-and-run that killed 1993 Lawrence High graduate

Back in the days when the Journal-World was an afternoon newspaper, Spencer was our paper boy. He was good kid that all the younger kids in the neighborhood looked up to.

This is so sad and my heart goes out to Spencer's family.

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Pedestrian injured in accident on Sixth Street

While it may not have helped in this case, more crosswalks across Sixth Street are needed. It's a long ways between stop lights.

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Religious meeting to draw 5,000

Anonymous usergeniusmannumber1 (Anonymous) says:Here's a semi-serious question asked with the utmost respect. Is there a particular reason for the no-moustache thing?------------At least in the Amish, the no-mustache thing is to separate themselves from European military officers that wore them...the same with buttons. Old German Baptist/Brethren may have different reasons.

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Lawrence is No. 7 on smart cities list

Judging from the quality of some of the comments here, it's a wonder that we're not lower than 7th.

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