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Party planners face sobering decision: Whether to test students for alcohol

My first thought was exactly the same as zstoltenberg. What? Parents want to keep their children from having the same fun that seniors have been experiencing for years and years, which likely includes themselves as seniors? Children will rise to the level of expectation. Plan a party so darned fun that the seniors will want to attend, will choose not to drink to get in, and as a result have made the decision sought after by all. Also have SafeRide available to take those kids home that arrive having had too much to drink. Don't penalize the others for the actions of few. Group discipline has never worked.

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Friends seek ghost bike memorial for hit-and-run victim

Big NO to roadside memorials! Accidents happen. Accidents will always happen. Roadside memorials are distractions to drivers and riders alike. We want all eyes on the road. THAT is how some accidents can be prevented.

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Songs With Titles and Lyrics About Women's Empowerment and Strength

The anthem to my divorce played quite often in my car and kitchen to provide me with strength.

Salt 'N' Pepa Step

I'm your honey-dipper so you say, you know
Then you react and attack every flirt and ho
But oh, no - you gots to go now, bro
To and fro, unh-unh, no more
So just walk out the door and be out like Margetta
I've been through this before, but now I think I better
Kick ya to the curb cuz this hurts, word
You dis and wanna kiss? Now that's absurd
Yo, Spinderella ain't the kind type
to be pulled down, ya know
Before I go out I go blow-for-blow
So tell those hos that sittin' there waitin' by the phone
That they can have you cuz you's gone

All you gotta do is just step-step
Me and you, we're through so just step-step
All you gotta do is just step-step
I hate to be ya

I'm not the one to be gone
You better go out and get someone else, hon
Who can eat your lies when you feed it to her
And take that little thumb when you give me to her
Cuz you was packin' now you're lackin'
You used to be stackin' when you was the mackin'
But that's alright, it's a small thing, a small thing
A two-minute brother, girls, I stress a small thing
Yo, back to the track in the matter
I don't need to see you think you're all of thatta
Regardless of you my purse and pockets will be fatter
I leaved ya flat, I leave ya flat, I left ya flatter

All you gotta do is just step-step
Me and you, we're through so just step-step
All you gotta do is just step-step
I hate to be ya

I wouldn't take ya back if ya paid me
It was so sweet, oh no, I can't believe ya played me
I'll admit you pulled it off kinda well
But guess what? I did it, too, so what the hell?
You reap what you sow, you know, you know how that go
I know you're kinda shocked, but it was you who showed me so
Swallow your pride, take it in, be a man
I understood, now you understand
That the minute you started showing me neglect
Is the same minute I started feeling the effect
Why I held it in I didn't wanna accept
That it could be over just for cheap sex
Experience is what we need to learn from
I know we all made mistakes, but you're a big one
So to the lucky man who's up next
Either treat me right or just step

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Vermont Street BBQ closing in four days

Owners of our beloved Vermont Street BBQ:
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post the recipe for your mustard-based sauce which in my opinion when combined with the pulled pork sandwich is one of the best meals in Lawrence. I beg you, please post the recipe!

VS BBQ, you will be missed. Alot.

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Joe’s Bakery reveals doughnut recipe

Hmmmm, what is K-Flay?

And, I would love to have the recipe for Joe's egg salad sandwich!

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Teener generates savings, interest

A quick visit to the internet confirmed my understanding that safety ratings are based upon a crash with a vehicle of similar weight. As long as we have streets full of semi-trucks, large pickups and Hummers, I'll keep my safe heavy car. As far as driving this vehicle in Lawrence I see a long line of cars behind it with car one inches off the bumper until the opportunity to pass presents itself.

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Wasting Away In Larryville

Every trip back to Lawrence includes dinner at La Familia then an evening of dancing and Bahama Mama's at the Sandbar. Don't forget to put your hand over your drink when the hurricane hits and also wave at the webcam!

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What do you do when you have a bad experience at a restaurant?

Depends on the offensive. Once I wrote letters to the restaurant manager and the state Department of Health when I saw an employee sitting on a prep counter with his feet on the prep surface. Grossed me so much I have never returned to the restaurant and I told all my friends too. I also post restaurant reviews on yelp which is a good way to publicize the state of service and cleanliness in a restaurant.

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