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Douglas County administrator proposes 3.85 mill levy increase, the highest in his career

assessed value of the $185000 house is probably about 20 or 21 thousand. the rate is applied to the assessed value Not the market value.

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Committee fails to make recommendation on tax incentives for high-end apartments near Memorial Stadium

Someone explain why the taxpayer should help on a project like this?

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From left, Chaeyoung Park, piano; Emily Shehi, violin; Dana Rath, cello, make up Trio Aër, a Lawrenc

Wonderful. Just as great as the final four. Lots of good things in Lawrence besides sports. Nice the Journal Worlld can recognize more.

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Letter: Food stamps vital

Well, the last owner should have sold it to the instructor...But of course he would not need one so it was worth nothing to him.

You can ignore supply and demand if you wish, but eventually a relative value will be produced.

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Faith Forum: Why does God allow events that kill innocent people, like the recent Texas fertilizer plant explosion and Boston bombings?

Unanswerable question? Why did God give a commandment "thou shalt not Kill"/ Then according to old testement there was more killing and taking of each others lands. It is no wonder that religions go to war in the name of God or Allah or what ever god worship. I wish we could follow the teaching of Jesus. I do not think he advocated killing someone who does not beleive like me or you.

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Judge again rules wife of husband convicted in KU ticket scandal cannot keep assets

Who got the stolen tickets? Are they guilty of buying stolen property? Did they know? Just buy from the ticket office. pay list price and be happy.

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City commissioners split on proposed roundabout at Ninth and New Hampshire

The RA's in Lawrence are too small for many vehicles. The need to be two lanes wide as least. And putting high bushes etc. in the center lowers visibility so you really can not see when another auto or person may be in the RA. Busy intersections should have a pedestrian crossing with a signal, especially in a school district.

I am not against properly constructed RA"s. The ones in Lawrence are just to slow traffic. A large speed bump would be cheaper and do the same.

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Gay marriage stand hems in Obama

Right on Sunshine. I do not follow these comment pages very often for the very reasons you have outlined. Much commentary but very little wisdom.

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Gas prices

I wonder what the price of gas would be if the oil companies did not make profits? Or maybe have the govt. bureaucrats own and run the companies? After all we know how efficient govt. runs, just watch congress.. (congress is oppsite of progress)

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KU wins the Academic Performance Tournament national championship

Good job... How much bonus pay will the academic coaches get??

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