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Safety net is a moral obligation


place your vote. the majority decides.

dont like the choices in office? run for office.

everything else is just aching and moaning, its all hypothetical...

vote doesn't go your way? better luck next time. raise awareness and try again.

these armchair experts are the worst kinds of people... (i'm sure i can be included now)

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Lawrence studies university relations in other cities

@hear_me fair enough, I didn't cover all the possibilities... so touche'

I'm saddened I missed out on whatever response was so lovely it was removed...

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Lawrence studies university relations in other cities

Most students who want to drink and party all of the time would rather live in area's with more students who want to do the same. I dont think they are out trying to destroy "family neighborhoods" in fact most of the time they try to avoid those neighborhoods becuase they dont want constant complaints.

You only have to live here for a week or so before you know which blocks are for families and which are for students. theres a large lifestyle difference from block to block.

if you dont like the neighborhood then move. Everyone here are adults (whether or not they act like it) and not everyone has to live a quiet family lifestyle like you either...

my lifestyle isn't of a partygoing nature and I prefer a quiet neighborhood but life is short and its okay to have some fun...

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Lawrence leaders want to crack down on ‘unscrupulous’ landlords

Sorry buddy, I never lived in the student ghetto.

but i've lived in numerous homes around Lawrence and every year there was 3 or 4 of us ( it was the only way rent was ever affordable 325-375 pr person )

we never threw keggers at our place or trashed the neighborhood...

Have fun being a douche.

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Lawrence leaders want to crack down on ‘unscrupulous’ landlords

Sometimes this city sucks.

bull$hit tactic to keep students from living in privately rented homes, and flush them into large housing communities such as the reserve, meadowbrook, legends, and potentially new complexs being built downtown.

just more ways for the city to try and profit off the back of the student body at KU.

and for all of the moaning townies of lawrence, get a life. no one cares that you "hate the immature student body with all of their parties, fun, noise"

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Lawrence Board of Zoning Appeals approves new Dillons plan

Okay obviously the Dirty Dillons is an eyesore, I lived on 11th and rhode island for 2 years and went to that store religiously out of convenience. The place can definitely use an upgrade but the fact that its going to be much larger saddens me. Whats wrong with the neighborhood appeal of a smaller grocery store ( thats nicer of course ) instead of the giant stores they create trying to dominate the scene of the area and making the whole place look like a wanna be walmart...

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Last ‘Final Friday’ of year sends 2010 off artfully

Last month had a HUGE draw and i"ve been to every one since they have had it..

I think a mixture of the cold weather and stuff really dampened the turnout unfortunately. I saw probably 80% less people than I do a normal outing.

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Russell Robinson makes rounds of Lawrence charities to donate old gear to benefit others

Great job Russrob, your the man

All the Jayhawks are loved by lawrence and surrounding KU fans but there are a rare few who stand the test of time when it comes to being remembered. Many people I know always say that Russrob is their favorite player.

KU breeds some real winning people (not just "athletes" ) thanks for backing that up!

Rock Chalk

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Burger battle gaining steam

The Burgstand at Dempsey's is so far the best burger i've had here in Lawrence... they do have some "fancier" things to do with it, but at the end of the day its still just a burger and the Kobe is a dang good one...

5guys is WAY too pricey for what they give you... they have good burgers and good fries but I feel like I could do the same on a grill for 20 people based upon the pricing ( may be a slight exaggeration )

Spangles? Gross. dont get me started on it.

havn't tried the new freddy's or smash burger though.. guess i've got some more places to try out...

oh and local burger is pretty tasty as well especially if your having to take your vegetarian girlfriend out for a meal...

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Three arrested, property considered dangerous after raid at property east of Lawrence

wait I swear thats my cuzins car! I just rode in that car last week!

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