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Obama wins re-election

America, we are in so much trouble. Four more years of hell! Can't wait for gas prices to go back through the roof next week now that the campaign is over....

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Both drivers in K-10 double fatality had about 3 times the legal limit of alcohol

dancemomx2- What Sigmund means by "He who is without sin can caste the first stone" is, nobody here is without sin, therefore, none of us should be judgeing.

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Lightning sparks fire at Aberdeen South


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Can you watch the KU men’s basketball game at work?

I have a big screen in my clubhouse! I can see it from my office chair or I can just go sit on the couch and watch!! This is one big perk that comes with the job.

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Did you ever take a trip to a traditional spring break venue, such as Florida or Mexico, while in college?

I went to Cancun for my senior trip when I was in High school. I was only 17 (female) and looking back now, I can't believe my parents allowed it. I guess they discussed it for awhile before agreeing to let me go and granted, there were about 40 of us from my graduating class who went.
Still, there were a couple of nights where we would go out in smaller groups and lots of drinking and bar hopping was involved. Not very smart on our parts but we were young and out for the first time without our parents and in a foreign country; pretty much went wild.
Even though I had a blast at the time, I would not go back today to do over and I would not let my child visit a foreign country while underage or without a responsible adult.

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Lawrence couple's passion for Christmas lights is off the charts

This display is awsome just from the video!! My brother is going to be in town tonight from Tulsa and I can't wait to drive him and my nephews by to see this! Thank you to Gary and Mary Ann for sharing some much needed Christmas Spirit!

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Westar announces agreement on 11 percent rate hike

I refuse to turn my heat on!! I'll use my fireplace and space heaters, screw giving them anymore money.....

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Residents report pet cats being mutilated; police investigating

This story is absolutely heart wrenching, it makes me sick to think somebody could be so cruel and have so much hate. My animals are just as important to me as my family. I am so sorry for anyone who has lost a pet due to animal cruelty. Whoever is responsible for this crime deserves to spend along time behind bars, God knows we don't want this sicko on the street.

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Police have to catch suspect twice after high-speed chase

I bet it was fun tasering this guy!

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Do you think you are being paid a fair wage for your job responsibilities?

I believe I am paid enough but I would love to have a raise to support the rising cost of living!

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