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KTEC tango

If the public knew of all the wining and dining and lobbying that the director is doing to save KTEC, they would be highly offended - and with state dollars to boot. It is no secret that Taylor's salary is north of $300K annually (not including bonuses), and many find that offensive - not to mention the disparity on the return on investment back to the state.

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KU says Provost Richard Lariviere leaving for Oregon post

nightmare - give it a break. Lariviere was only concerned about his own excellence.

penguin - go on, this is getting good. Tell us more.

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KU says Provost Richard Lariviere leaving for Oregon post

Where ya been penguin? Inquiring minds want to know.

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KU says Provost Richard Lariviere leaving for Oregon post

This is better news than the governor leaving our state! These great announcements come in three's - what/who's next?

This guy was a loser from the moment he set foot on campus and redecorated his palatial office during a time when budgets were under scrutiny. He used KU for what he needed - a resume builder.

Good riddance!

Oh, if you are from Oregon, don't read these posts...he's a great guy...really!

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Selection of new KU chancellor leads local goals for 2009

Uhlrick_Hetfield_III (Anonymous) says… Can we get an honest one with a brain this time? One that will act in the best interests of the university rather than brown nosing his political cronies.----------------------That would not be Reggie Robinson. Not sure why Kook the mook is pushing so hard for him. Clearly must not have seen how he has run the Regents system into the ground.

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Two Kansas anti-tax groups merge

johngault - it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how Cobb cooks his books and misinterprets various figures...and what he calls facts. autie is right-on on this one.

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Creative concept

Wait for it...

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Firefighters extinguish two-alarm blaze at new Free State Brewery facility in east Lawrence

del888 - do you live susupended in the air??? 6th & Kasold is not 5 blocks from the Hospital!

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Senate candidates at odds over votes

"She has gained a reputation in the Senate as being a careful reader..."You mean like the time she stood up and read from a novel for 3 hours in order to stall a vote...yeah, that's who I want representing me.

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