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Vaccination debate

I know several families like Maggie's who choose not to immunize. This issue is only part of a much larger dialogue that is ongoing. The same type (and I'm referencing the people I know personally - fwiw) of people also don't believe that they should have to put their children in booster seats after they are 3; don't typically carry health insurance; jump from doctor to doctor because they keep disagreeing with their prescriptive solutions; they do homeschool. It absolutely boggles my mind to watch this type of behavior. In an age of modern medicine, why wouldn't you take precaution? It's because the rest of us do that their kids do not become ill/dieased. Watch those numbers shift as the "anti" vaccination population increases.

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The Burger Stand set to move out of Dempsey's and into the Casbah

It makes for much less work than making it up like normal...

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Former KU athletic director dies

Boston - you nailed it in so many ways. People with his class and character are few and far between these days. Certainly in a class of his own.

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Provost at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill named KU chancellor

Actually, Bubarubu, the PSU "open process" of naming the top 3 candidates was NOT an aberration. Emporia State (a year ago) and K-State all announced the top 3 - THAT is the norm.

Hope she does well. Lots of firsts with this announcement.

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Kobach announces candidacy for Kansas secretary of state office

Tex - Good memory on the Kay O'Connor "women shouldn't vote" line. That's been a while.

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KU's interim provost leaving for job at Ohio State

So why isn't KU releasing the names of the three finalists for chancellor. K-State and Pittsburg State did. Is something going on that the search committee and board of regents don't want the public to see?

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Oread Inn planned as ‘part of the community’

gnome - I am still laughing at TOSsed, Outstanding. Speaking of outstanding, I'll be watching for Bronze, Ocean, Spiderman, Jaguar, Cool to be measuring the shadow. Guessing your answer is more acurate than what he might produce,

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Chancellor candidates being submitted to regents

YWNM is spot on. I'm hoping penguin will sign in today...they always seem to have the poop.

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Regents affirm commitment to freezing tuition

This will be real interesting when they get the message that the legislature is cutting even more money out of the FY 2010 - significantly more perhaps. How will KU ever pay for a new expensive Chancellor and Provost?

Nice job of hamstringing the institutions, Board of Regents.

Penguin - what say you?

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Kansas lawmaker says it's time to abolish KTEC

Maybe Taylor doesn't want everyone to know that he makes more than $300K annually, for doing - not so much.

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