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Consultants raise concerns about proposed LMH wellness center at city's new recreation center

What the hell does "wellness" even MEAN!?!

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Lawrence police, firefighters to square off on the football field on Sept. 18 to help Big Brothers Big Sisters

Firemen and cops? I'm there. Sooooooooooo there.

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Hundreds rally against closing SRS office

I have a friend that used SRS funds to go to school online. She got her nursing license finished up. Now she's middle class and a tax payer. I can see how getting her lazy ass off welfare really would have helped more. She could be a much better off low wage tax payer who cant eat or buy goods and services. Education is a pain in the ass. Oh and all those lazy ass welfare kids who should already have a job by 4th grade.

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Douglas County emergency dispatchers juggle hundreds of calls every day

High stress jobs are certainly just as dangerous to your health as being in the line of fire. Their stress is incurred EVERY single shift and for the entirety of their shift, 5 days a week. Let's pay them hazard pay because it is a hazard, rather than not because the hazard isn't visible.

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Boardwalk Apartments survivor forced to evacuate again after Wednesday morning duplex fire

And yet again, commenters miss out on a chance to be empathetic to the story. she had to go to Kansas city for lodging bec no hotel rooms in lawrence. Really? None?

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Lawrence's Earth Day Celebration set for Saturday

no transgenders tho. that's too freaky for lawrence. /sarcasm

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Kansas House wants to block funding to Planned Parenthood clinics, even though funds don't pay for abortion

I believe Wyatt Cynac on the Daily Show had a brilliant analysis of the use of lies.

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What is your favorite board game?

Tripoli! it's an awesome game. You play a round of poker and rummy!

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