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One of Lawrence's longtime Mexican restaurants to close at the end of the month

Maybe the El Matador will have them. Check it out....

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School board abruptly adjourns meeting after audience disruption; police called

Could this group have handled this differently, yes, and they should have; however, I am appalled at what was brought to light. Their message was very clear and truthful in all aspects. Just why is the district covering for this teacher and allowing him to carry on his rhetoric and racist tendencies to other schools and children. It makes me sick to my stomach that there are still people among us who feel the need to think, act, and promote superiority to another race based on the color of their skin!

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Local developer awarded millions in incentives tied to companies that owe years of back taxes

I could not disagree more, Carol. Past decisions were NOT based on the will of the people, but on the will of the few.....the few, including that of our past City Manager. The few that have been in bed with the developers who have been ram-rodding this city for the past 15 years. It is quite evident to me, or extremely coincidental that all of these findings have been coming to light on the heels of our new City Manager, Mr. Markus. Finally, this city has a manager that chooses to be on the side of "right", rather than "wrong". Let's hope he doesn't get so discouraged that he decides to close the lid on this Pandora's Box!

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Lawrence City Commission refuses to consider tax breaks for former commissioner's downtown development

Don't think for a minute that Schumm was not making every effort to get in under the wire before any procedural policy changes took effect; he knew exactly what he was doing, and for once our City Commissioners did what was right for the taxpayers. It is ludicrous that he expected the city to, in essence, through tax abatements, pay for what would be, his personal parking and those of his tenants, underground parking AND his personal residency of the fifth floor penthouse! Thank you, Commissioners!
It has not gone unnoticed that Schumm was a primary "yes" vote for the unreasonable tax abatements given "in the past" as both a city commissioner an mayor. Is he thinking we owe him? I am thinking he iwes us, as taxpayers, for the handouts given "in the past" under his watch.
I agree, wholeheartedly with Theodore Calvin, and also ask the question why homeowner's; new build or renovation/remodel are not given these same incentives that are expected by every developer in town, or who comes to town. Stop the madness!

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Lawrence City Commission to consider tax breaks for downtown development

I am truly happy that someine else; Mr Hernyk,is touching on the "personal" ramificatons of Schumm's requests, '...3.) There can be no justification for industrial bonds used towards building one's personal penthouse.' We must also not forget, there must be an adjustment to any Neighborhood Revitilization Tax Rebate to NOT include his personal residency of the 5th floor Penthouse Suite. I don't believe this has yet been mentioned in any of these forums regarding Vermont Place.

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Large pet supply chain files plans for store near Sixth and Wakarusa; Lawrence gasoline prices still the highest in the state

....and let us not forget that just a few months ago, pricing between grades went from .10 per gallon to.15 per gallon. I am not quite certain how that came about, but Quick Trip was the leader for that change and a few days later all stations followed, en masse.

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Short police chase leads to the arrest of one Lawrence man while a separate North Lawrence accident remains a mystery

Mysterious accident, you say? Did the truck in question not have a vehicle tag and registration? Mystery solved...!

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Eastside pool ending 55-year run, neighborhood tradition

It was great that this neighborhood pool was able to maintain for 55 years.
Missi's sentiments echo those of losing other landmark swimming pools, not to be forgotten; the Olympic and Holiday Hills.

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Former city commissioner seeking large tax rebate for proposed downtown project

Again, the key is Neighborhood Revitalization funding is intended to be used for AFFORDABLE HOUSING, Neighborhood blight, sidewalk repairs, home owner assistance, etc.!

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