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Kansas bill would lower sales tax on food, drop business tax break

This solves only one issue; FOOD TAX.....great thing, YES! Remove tax exemptions from LLC's to pays for it? NO! These are small businesses they are targeting....I am not a small business owner, but am not in favor of this idea. Sounds like the effort is to kill Mom & Pop businesses who will then benefit at the grocery store when they become destitute with no income stream. Nothing Brownback had done, has worked....back these tax exemptions up and take them away from the large corporations!

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Westar seeks to hike residential customer costs

An exponential increase last year! My electric bill has been higher than my gas bill all winter, albeit, a slight, winter. Nonetheless, it has continued to stay much higher than in year's past, this is just more of "put it on the residents and schools to give reductions for Corporations". Where does it stop? it has to end!

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Editorial: Power grab

They had that chance in Brownbacks first term....and the people took chances with the life and liberty of our children and families that are irreparable, should it be allowed to continue. Those of us who didn't vote for these idiots the second time around ARE forward thinkers.

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Senator seeks to end daylight saving time in Kansas

Really? Do you think, maybe the cows are coming in at the RIGHT time and that maybe the farmer's are not adjusting THEIR schedules to meet the needs of the cows? Sound like our legislature....what? meet the needs of the people? Sorry, that just doesn't work for me....

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Kansas conservatives advance bill on impeachment of judges

I would hope their will be some angry parents/citizens come November just for the sheer idiocy they have shown the world. Our State has become an embarassment to this country and we should be embarassed for not having done something about Brownback and his cabinet long before now.....come November, I would hope everyone shows up in droves the get all of them out and start over.

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Kansas tax committee considers school donation option

So the state can turn around and raid those coffers also? ha!

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Kansas Senate bill seeks municipalities' traffic ticket revenues; Lawrence calls effort 'unfair'

Turn over any all jewelry, folks! weding bands, class rings, whatever you have on. I have decided the GOP is a new inside terrorist group; the plan is to cause our nation to imploide from the inside out; mass destruction, till our country is in shambles, as if it has been nuked!!

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Lawmakers to work 49 bills in two days; KU basketball could affect caucus turnout

....and that kind of thinking is exactly what get's them BACK into office everytime. Get out and vote PEOPLE! We have to get these idiots out!!

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Letter: Repressive stance

Try not to worry, Dennis. If the Governor of our Great State of Kansas continues with his gutting of educational funds, we will be luck if there is a one room schoolhouse for our children to attend.

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Off the Beaten Plate: The Drunken Chicken at Fat Freddy's

I have never heard of the place, but looks like pizza I should try! Yum!

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