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Large pet supply chain files plans for store near Sixth and Wakarusa; Lawrence gasoline prices still the highest in the state

....and let us not forget that just a few months ago, pricing between grades went from .10 per gallon to.15 per gallon. I am not quite certain how that came about, but Quick Trip was the leader for that change and a few days later all stations followed, en masse.

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Short police chase leads to the arrest of one Lawrence man while a separate North Lawrence accident remains a mystery

Mysterious accident, you say? Did the truck in question not have a vehicle tag and registration? Mystery solved...!

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Eastside pool ending 55-year run, neighborhood tradition

It was great that this neighborhood pool was able to maintain for 55 years.
Missi's sentiments echo those of losing other landmark swimming pools, not to be forgotten; the Olympic and Holiday Hills.

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Former city commissioner seeking large tax rebate for proposed downtown project

Again, the key is Neighborhood Revitalization funding is intended to be used for AFFORDABLE HOUSING, Neighborhood blight, sidewalk repairs, home owner assistance, etc.!

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Former city commissioner seeking large tax rebate for proposed downtown project

Don't forget that all of these rebates and incentives include the penthouse suite on the top floor for his own living quarters! Calamitous!!

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One 23rd Street restaurant closes, another opens, with elaborate dishes including something called an Avocado Bomb

I thought King's Buffet was supposed to be closing, but noticed they are still open?

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Affordable housing dominates well-attended Lawrence budget feedback session

Why is there never any discussion about the funds for the Neighborhoods Revitilization Program being used for the new and upcoming developments being built in our downtown.
Those are funds that should have been used towards affordable housing, sidewalks, etc. Instead, one again the City allows Compton, Trainor, Fritzel and Shumm to raid the coffers that were funded for our neighborhoods.
This has been happening for far too long and it has to stop. Property owners can only bear so much. It is ludicrous that this city would even suggest property owners pay for sidewalk repairs after paying Real Estate and Property taxes. Lawrence is showing that it is no different than all of the rest of the right-wingers. The rich just keep getting the little man.
I thought more of this town/city that I was born and raised is time to move on.

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Journal-World parent company considering demolition of large downtown Lawrence building

Perhaps the FIRST point of discussion should be PARKING for any kind of plan!!!

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Kansas bill would lower sales tax on food, drop business tax break

This solves only one issue; FOOD TAX.....great thing, YES! Remove tax exemptions from LLC's to pays for it? NO! These are small businesses they are targeting....I am not a small business owner, but am not in favor of this idea. Sounds like the effort is to kill Mom & Pop businesses who will then benefit at the grocery store when they become destitute with no income stream. Nothing Brownback had done, has worked....back these tax exemptions up and take them away from the large corporations!

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Westar seeks to hike residential customer costs

An exponential increase last year! My electric bill has been higher than my gas bill all winter, albeit, a slight, winter. Nonetheless, it has continued to stay much higher than in year's past, this is just more of "put it on the residents and schools to give reductions for Corporations". Where does it stop? it has to end!

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