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Off the Beaten Plate: The Drunken Chicken at Fat Freddy's

I have never heard of the place, but looks like pizza I should try! Yum!

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City Commission expresses disapproval of HERE @ Kansas parking plan, defers vote

....and? I guess you would have our downtown looking like most every other city, that built more retail development into an area that was not conducive to reach by all residents. Topeka would be a fine example of what WE as a city should BEWARE, Wichita is another example, Finally, we have a City Commission that stood it's ground and denied, what is a bad option. Thank You to the Lawrence City Commission; a job well done.

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Kansas to consider tightening limits on local property taxes

My home value has decreased by about 33% just in the past 4-5 years.....the crash took a while to get to Lawrence. Still, I am paying a few dollars more in property taxes than I was before the decrease. My taxes have increase in the past 9 years by about $300.

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City Commission to consider proposal for gun range near school

What is your definition of a "gun hater"? someone who practices intelligence and responsibility, rather than having everyone running around willy-nilly with non-registered open carry's as our illustrious Governor has now allowed?

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City Commission to consider proposal for gun range near school

No fear of weapons, I grew up with them. My "concern" is having them so close to highly impressionable kids. We already have parents who do not practice safety with their guns in homes, why invite another issue?

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City Commission to consider proposal for gun range near school

I say 'I may be ignorant, but I am not stupid!'....and that is STUPID!!

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City Commission to consider proposal for gun range near school

This is ludicrous! I don't have a problem with a gun range, I have a problem with it being near a school and too close to city limits. Something like this needs to be situated far out in the County, such that it is not near any city or township limits.

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Kansas could gain millions if Powerball winner sold there

So our Gov is resorting to a fantasy powerball win to save our State? Someone had better be watching the coffers, he may decide to purchase an unimaginable amout of quick-picks to fulfill his dreams of proving his trickle-down economics is working....ha!

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Attendance way down at Lawrence ice skating rink in its second season

I would have to say, aside from what has already been said; there has not been any publicity regarding the rink this year, at least that I have seen. I did specifically look for an opening date, was looking for it in all of the articles and postings for "fun" family Christmas activities for the weekend of the parade and through the holidays. Now the kids are back in school and we decide to talk about it. I have 3 young grandchildren that don't yet know the difference between real ice and this rink they would have loved it. Yes, I could have called, but lamely presumed since there were so many complaints last year, the library decided it was not worth setting up..... oh,well...not a great loss, as I am seeing the same complaints this year.
I vote we just have the city go back to flooding Watson (train) Park! The best ever!

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