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Letter: Really ‘shameful’

Did someone mention something about 'beating a dead horse'>

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Developer pursuing idea for East Lawrence bistro in Warehouse Arts District

I believe there is and has been a bar/eating establishment in the neighborhood for many, many years; right on the corner of 9th & Pennsylvania?

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Homeless shelter seeks $725,000 loan from city

You have got to be kidding!!? They have been in this building for, what, 7 months and now need a new roof. There is no way possible for anyone to convince me that SOMEONE was not aware of the "roof issues" prior to the purchase of that building. Just one more thing we are being blind-sided with and our City Leaders? want us to use our tax dollars, again? For Charity?? NOT GOOD BUSINESS! The City is already running at a deficit with the New Library (Garage) and Rock Chalk Park.....I say to the City "mind your OWN business".
Oh by the way, I'm looking for a $75,000 loan to upgrade my seems I will be needing a new roof, furn/ac unit, hot water heater and a new know, those pesky little maintenance items that come around every 15-20 years or so. While you are drawing up those loan papers for me, I want that at...oh, let's say....a .005 Interest Rate. That's right folks, it's "Name Your Own Rate"!

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Summer road construction a necessary evil for Lawrence drivers and businesses

I would like to know why, whoever is in charge of setting the lights....presumably someone with the city, can't get the lights set correctly. This is an issue every time the orange cones go up closing off the left lane going across the bridge. Which, by the way is closed more than it is open.... If you will notice, all of the traffic issues occur only because all 3 of the lights (Kentucky, Vermont and Mass) are set backwards. The first light s to turn green are Mass, Vermont, then Kentucky....during this time all of the traffic Eastbound traffic sits and waits...and wait....and waits some more. Here goes RED....First at Mass, then Vermont and lastly... Kentucky. The only time the eastbound traffic can move is when the lights at Mass and Vermont are already RED, leaving no room for the traffic coming on from Kentucky. It is so irritating to be sitting through 3 or 4 lights and watching the sequences of Red, Yellow and Green, knowing that if ANYONE at the City (incl the police force) cared enough to would be so simple to see and fix! Heaven forbid if someone in line is not paying attention and doesn't move with the rest of the traffic OR worse yet....there is someone in the northbound turn lane that needs in the straight eastbound lane! Those people will sometimes stop before a GREEN light instead of first going through. What an aggravation!

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State seeking proposal to develop resort at Clinton Lake State Park

Took the words right out of my mouth!!

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City gives preliminary approval to development agreement for $25M recreation center

Hmmmm.....would seem the Mayor/Commissioners have not yet read the most recent article regarding Fritzel/KU agreements...Ha!

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Letter: Center exists

.....and I do believe there is a HUGE concrete or stone etched sign on the Northeast Corner at the intersection of N. 2nd & Locust streets that states "Lawrence Visitor Center"?

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Another bill opposed by unions introduced as House gears up for debate on paycheck measure

I agree with "Cant_have_it_both_ways"....Unions are BIG business, they are in it for HUGE profits just like BIG Corporations!

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