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Kansas public schools face backlash during state's endless money crisis

Agreed, Calvin Enders, and maybe, just maybe we reinstate ALL of the tax cuts, working our way out of this Brownie hole!!

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Overland Park-based company to add 100 jobs in downtown Lawrence; chamber takes position on school bond

Sorry, yes, I did miss must have been due to the word "commission"...... and yes, a fairly good salary. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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Overland Park-based company to add 100 jobs in downtown Lawrence; chamber takes position on school bond

I did not see any mention of what the average rate of pay will be for these 100+ jobs that Venture is adding. My guess is no more thatn $9 per hour: now isn't that something to be excited about. I also did not see any mention of having a good selection of seniors to choose from....completely overlooked.

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Trump administration weighed mobilizing National Guard for immigration roundups

No worries....the report is "100 percent not sure"!! What a joke!

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Senate panel begins debate on bill to reverse some of Brownback's tax cuts; governor objects

"There is no good reason why businesses, who have dodged paying taxes for a number of years, should start paying their share." ....Mr. Bloss, I certainly do hope you intended that sentence to read '......should NOT start paying their share.'? If so, I adamantly agree with your comment!

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Editorial: Governor failing Kansans

....and don't forget, Brownback is a huge proponent for the privatization of our schools (charter).

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Editorial: Better numbers

At least, that is what they are telling us..... I don't trust any news or numbers coming out of our Statehouse. Brownback and his cronies have not been what you would call, transparent.

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A conversation with the community's new economic development leader

I have to ask the question; was Mr. Kelly, " the deputy secretary of the Kansas Department of Commerce and director of business and community development for the agency. ...and many aviation deals in Wichita.", instrumental in the Boeing fiasco several years ago? That was quite a flop! If my memory serves me correctly, which it may not, wasn't this after large incentives were offered by the State?

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Editorial: New incentives policy is risky

"It’s difficult to place uniform standards on every development project because every development project offers a unique set of benefits and risks to the city." This is EXACTLY the reason this policy needs to be in place. There is absolutely no reason the City should not have developers provide all of these requirements for proper due diligences. They have proven to be found necessary due to failures by both the City and developers over the past 15-16 years. It is time to put the onerous on the developers, and provide the City with the proper tools to make an informed decision.

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